These Bluetooth Headphones Can Hold Their Own Against More Expensive Ones

These Bluetooth Headphones Can Hold Their Own Against More Expensive Ones

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Most tech reviews usually give good raves for expensive Bluetooth headphones from big brands like Sony and Bang & Olufsen. These headphones definitely deliver good sound quality at their staggering costs of more than $300. It’s too bad that there are some affordable Bluetooth headphones on the market that are almost totally ignored in most reviews. For this review, we tested many affordable and “cheap” brands and found a couple that can hold their own, sound really good, are from U.S. companies, and aren’t Chinese garbage that sound terrible (please do stay away from Chinese brand headphones).

headphones-300x200 These Bluetooth Headphones Can Hold Their Own Against More Expensive Ones
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1More Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones ($149.99)

Unlike the standard headphone colors of black and gray, 1More has gone for red and blue. And unlike standard headphones that use adjustable headbands for proper fitting on the head, 1More has independently adjustable ear cups. The band remains stationary while the ear cups are attached to a little sliding track. While some people may not find this advantage significant, the headphone does offer a more solid and thus, more durable headband, and therefore a more durable headphone. Most headphone damage first occurs at the headband, so 1More’s idea isn’t far-fetched.

Because you can exactly adjust the ear cups to where your ears exactly are, the headphones feel the most comfortable you will ever wear. There is ample padding not only on the ear cups but also on top of the headband and the former is big enough to fit over the entire ear. The only thing probably lacking is active noise cancelling, so ambient noise may leak in if you’re in a loud environment. Sound-wise, as previously stated, this headphone truly holds its own against the more expensive brands. The treble, bass, and midrange are well-accentuated and very smooth. The sound quality is high and consistent even if listening to music ranging from a personal library or streaming from Spotify. And it’s the same high quality even if you change music genres. On the Bluetooth side, no breaks were experienced even if the phone was placed in a shirt pocket, inside a pants pocket, inside a briefcase, or across the room in the kitchen.

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Plantronics Backbeat Fit ($76)

This one is built more for working out because they’re sweat proof, lightweight, sturdy, and secure fitting. But if you love listening to music while walking, taking the subway, on the bus, or while traveling but you don’t want to wear those heavy headphones over the head, this is the one you should buy because of sound quality, and they cost less than more expensive high brands. Even the battery life is a decent 7-8 hours. When wearing the Backbeat, you’ll notice that the fit is just perfect but ambient noise will still seep in. Well, this is a workout headphone so safety was a concern so you can hear vehicles and other people around you. Sound quality is quite good no matter what music you’re listening to but there is a bit of reduction in bass response. And unfortunately, they only come in blue. But for its price, and if you’re not looking for DJ-quality heavy headphones, this is your good choice.

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