Getting a First Look at What Could be Volkswagen’s First Electric Sports...

Getting a First Look at What Could be Volkswagen’s First Electric Sports Car

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Though the glimpses are only of renderings and plans, Volkswagen is giving us a chance to view firsthand what may be the first ever electric sports car. The firsthand view comes after the automaker filed for a design and plan patent with the World Intellectual Property Organization. The patent was then uploaded for viewing on the patent’s website and Volkswagen’s forum called VWvortex. The patent is proof of the two-door coupe that will be part of Volkswagen’s electric vehicle line. Aside from this design, another patent filed by Volkswagen features a sort of minibus design that is the automaker’s electric microbus concept called BUDD-E. This concept was first shown at the Consumer Electronics Show last January. This proves that the coupe will be just one in a planned line of electric cars that Volkswagen plans to develop and eventually mass market, first in Germany by 2025, and with the rest of the world in the following year.

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Volkswagen has admitted that it plans to replace all its combustion engine models by 2025 with electric vehicles in response to the recent Volkswagen emissions scandal. However, some experts argue that just because there is a patent doesn’t necessarily mean that the car will be produced. Also, Volkswagen replacing all its models with electric ones may not be realistic given that its assembly lines are geared and modeled towards combustion engine production, and so to produce electric cars means modifying the assembly line in a humongous fashion. The Volkswagen coupe showcases just two doors and its body features a very aerodynamic design. The rear wing looks to be extendable because the rear design is almost similar to the Mercedes concept car, dubbed an intelligent aerodynamic automobile. This concept debuted at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. The rear fin can extend up to 15 inches.

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This is supposedly to give the car better aerodynamics to save on fuel. In the case of electric vehicles, it makes the car run (or glide) better and so uses up less battery power. The extendable rear fin also brings to mind images of the Bat mobile that was also a hybrid between an electric car and an engine that ran on aviation fuel, but could have enormous fuel savings because of its aerodynamic rear fin. The electric car’s two doors also don’t have the traditional handle placement, which indicates that it will have gull-wing doors instead. With the BUDD-E that was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, it estimated range with the electric batteries at full charge is between 248 miles and 372 miles. What the model is actually showcasing is Volkswagen’s Modular Electric Toolkit, or MEB, platform. This is the platform that may give its electric cars better mileage eventually compared to today’s gasoline-powered cars, hopefully by the end of the decade.

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