These Are Some Really Awesome Techs But Too Bad You Can’t Buy...

These Are Some Really Awesome Techs But Too Bad You Can’t Buy Them Yet

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When you visit crowdfunding campaign websites like Indiegogo or Kickstarter, you will literally be deluged with hundreds of new technology and gadgets, some that are just downright stupid, useless, weird, or all three combined. It sometimes can feel like someone inventing bath soap with a hole in the middle to eliminate used soap pieces.  But if you delve a little closer you’ll spot the really useful, practical, and logical inventions just waiting to be crowd funded for eventual production. So before you get drawn in by Facebook’s sheer useless Oculus Rift, check out these potentials we selected:

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LVL – Wearable Hydration Monitor

While there are “smart” water bottles that tell you how many ounces of liquid you’ve consumed in the course of several hours, it doesn’t tell you how much your body has actually absorbed. With today’s technology this can only be measured from a medical lab. But there’s a new health startup from BSX Technologies called the LVL. This is a wearable device that can measure hydration levels in real time. The LVL uses and advanced infrared sensor that penetrates far beneath the surface of the skin, up to 10 times as deep as the standard green light sensors found in the new Apple Watch or Fitbit.

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Holovect – Holographic Display Generator

You’ve only seen 3D hologram generators only sci-fi films like Star Wars when the Jedi Council would meet. But this could no longer be fiction because Holovect will soon bring legitimate 3D holograms into the mainstream. It is a self-contained, laser based, volumetric display system that comfortably fits on any desk or lab bench, and can draw 3D objects in midair using light. The technology now exists to do this, even if only a prototype will be developed.

Aer – GoPro System You Can “Throw Out

Having a GoPro in itself is already expensive, let alone getting a camera drone to shoot aerial footages. Now, there’s a more affordable alternative to get those aerial shots. The invention is called Aer and it’s a protective foam case with four giant fins on the end. Some college students developed the Aer so it can just be thrown in the air and the fins create drag that keeps the gadget facing forward. Using it is so simple: Just hit the record button on the GoPro, place it inside Aer, and throw it into the air.

Skunk Lock — Scent-based Theft-deterrent Bike Lock

We all know that there are thieves that are bold enough to stroll down the street with an angle grinder and cut through the U-lock on a bike they want to steal. This inspired inventor Daniel Idzkowski to build a bike lock that could deter even the most brazen criminals from stealing your ride. This is because the Skunk Lock draws a lot of inspiration from its namesake animal. The ingenious design comprises a hardened medium-carbon steel U-Lock that blasts anyone with a disgusting noxious deterrent if any attempt is made to break, cut, pierce, or saw the Skunk Lock. Idzkowski claims the odor is so vile it can make you vomit. Any thief will certainly run away since barfing on any bike will cause a scene.

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