K-pak Folding Boat is a Backpack That Turns Into a Boat –...

K-pak Folding Boat is a Backpack That Turns Into a Boat – Perfect for Outdoor Enthusiasts and, Perhaps, for the SAS or Seals?

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An outdoor enthusiast has invented a foldable and portable boat to make it easier for fishermen, hunters, and even campers to get around easier through water barriers. The K-Pak is just 9 feet long, weighs only 21 pounds, and can fit into a backpack. The boat is very convenient to get into hard-to-reach places. The K-Pak boat wouldn’t have been created without a unique inspiration experienced by Pete Flood. A few years ago, Pete Flood and his friend went duck hunting and so had to haul a canoe on a two-mile walk on a dark and cold early morning. They had to keep putting the canoe down to change hands. When they arrived at the hunting spot, they only had a half hour of duck hunting left before going back, hauling the canoe again. Flood’s mind began percolating the idea of a more portable boat, perhaps something that can be folded and carried in a backpack. He spent many nights waking up from sleep and getting mad for not doing something about this idea.

kpak-225x300 K-pak Folding Boat is a Backpack That Turns Into a Boat – Perfect for Outdoor Enthusiasts and, Perhaps, for the SAS or Seals?
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With the help of some friends, Flood built a rough prototype using PVC pipes and sewed skins, but this didn’t live up to his expectations. He did patent the boat but he decided to go back to the drawing boards. Flood has a background in civil engineering and construction projects so he also envisioned a boat not just for outdoor enthusiasts but something that Special Forces like the SAS or Navy Seals could use. So at night and during weekends he worked on his project until he was truly satisfied on the folding boat. In July, Flood launched his company, The Folding Boat Company, with its single product called the K-Pak. With its own backpack it sells for only $895.

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Usually after one or two attempts most people can assemble it in five minutes or even less. An aluminum frame folds inside the skin, making it simpler to assemble the K-Pak. The folding boat has proven to be so versatile it can be used for fishing and even duck hunting. Flood hopes that he can produce an olive drab or camouflaged version in order to interest US Special Forces. Flood himself has tested the folding boat in lakes and other water sources in the bush lands of Alaska in numerous ways such as for fishing, hunting, exploring, and even for nature photography. It can even be used in swamps and crowded creeks. Flood admits that there are other folding kayaks on the market, but all of these are mostly kayaks and not boats, are very complicated in assembling and taking apart taking about an hour, and won’t fit inside a backpack. The K-Pak’s selling point is its sheer simplicity in assembling and folding away after use. It’s convenient and can even be stored at the back of a car, and can be taken out anytime.

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