Google Now Uses Artificial Intelligence to Spot and Fight Online Trolls

Google Now Uses Artificial Intelligence to Spot and Fight Online Trolls

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In the past, an AI powered app was utilized to fight ISIS. But now, this Google subsidiary application is aimed at eliminating a new enemy – internet trolls. A group called Jigsaw, also Google’s former think tank is now assigned to make use of technology so that particular geopolitical issues may be addressed. The organization produced software called “Conversation AI”, an intelligence tool which can help put an end to abuse and harassment online. Based on a report made by Wired;”The software is designed to use machine learning to automatically spot the language of abuse and harassment — with, Jigsaw engineers say, an accuracy far better than any keyword filter and far faster than any team of human moderators.”

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What Conversation AI does is that it studies and then instantly flags foul language then rates it by giving an “attack score” of 0-100. If the score is 0, then it means that there was no abusive language detected. However, if the app gave it 100 then it would mean that the language showed some form of harassment or abuse. Wired said;” Jigsaw has now trained Conver­sation AI to spot toxic language with impressive accuracy. Feed a string of text into its Wikipedia harassment-detection engine and it can, with what Google describes as more than 92 percent certainty and a 10-percent false-positive rate, come up with a judgment that matches a human test panel as to whether that line represents an attack.”

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While online abuse and harassment mostly exists in popular social media networks such as; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Conversation AI is set to be tested and used first at the New York Time’s comment boxes. Some consider using the app on YouTube as a better avenue to start testing it though. Aside from the NY Times, it has been reported that Wikipedia also showed interested in using the software but it hasn’t been revealed yet as to how this will come to be. According to Jared Cohen, Founder and President of Jigsaw in a statement to Wired;” I want to use the best technology we have at our disposal to begin to take on trolling and other nefarious tactics that give hostile voices disproportionate weight to do everything we can to level the playing field.”

Sooner or later, it will be easier to access and make us of Conversation Artificial Intelligence as it will soon turn into and open source. In the near future, all websites who want to protect their subscribers or users from online trolling can use Conversation AI software for this purpose. What makes this online tool or application so amazing is that the type of technology being used is extremely advanced that it is capable of instantly flagging offensive language, insults, profanity, and auto-delete bad language and scold harassers. For those who are fond of bashing, hurling hate comments and saying bad things online, be careful, your days are over. It’s actually a good thing that this software was invented so that online users will become more cautious of what they post online and encourage them to post good comments instead of bad ones.

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