Every Billionaire’s Dream, Meet the Black Swan Superyacht

Every Billionaire’s Dream, Meet the Black Swan Superyacht


This slick yacht looks like something a villain would have designed for the next James Bond movie. This new Superyacht is the Black Swan and was designed and conceptualized by designer Timur Bozca. The Black Swan is a unique concept yacht that looks and feels like a floating palace that is specially made for any billionaire. It even looks like one of those toy hobby models that only Tamiya or Bandai would dream of. However, this arrow-shaped and striking superyacht features a pointed tip, the vessel’s overall design being inspired by the shape of an arrow, with triangular windows of various sizes along the decks allowing light to fill the interior. The Black Swan has a stunning pool and sun deck with hidden balconies where guests can enjoy amazing views of the sea. The aft (rear) deck offers an extended beach club atmosphere and passengers can go for a dip in the pool that fades away to the rear towards the stern.

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The aft deck is designed for full comfort and relaxation with plenty of space for guests to get their tan on the sun loungers or jump into the sea from a platform. The super yacht’s overall build is made from enforced steel and aluminum, with the designer getting materials from as far as Istanbul, Milan, and London where he spends most of his working days. Black Swan is the only one of its design and aims to redefine experience, style, and luxury, giving its owner the best experience in travelling through high-end amenities and state-of-the-art technology. An angled glass wall extends from the main deck to the upper deck, offering views over the aft deck. The two forward balconies are protected by glass railings, offering unobstructed views of the sea or sights away from the superyacht such as when cruising the Caribbean or the French Riviera.

There is a helicopter platform on the top deck that can be accessed only by a hidden elevator. This allows the owner, the owner’s family, and other guests to travel between the yacht and the airport or a villa without getting stuck in traffic. Inside the Black Swan, a master suite and six guest cabins can accommodate up to 12 persons. It even has its own internal waterfalls. The superyacht’s four engines can generate up to 23,172 horsepower that can propel the superyacht up to a top speed of 32 miles per hour or 27 knots, as fast as a destroyer warship. According to Timur Bozca, it’s important for the exterior to use simple lines together with dramatic angles and curves because this simplicity is what gives the superyacht its fast or cruising speed as well as making its overall design elegant and clean. The arrow shape gives the yacht its aerodynamic exterior that improves efficiency. For now, its estimated price is somewhere around 20 million pounds.

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