Wink Hub 2 Connected Smart Home Device Promises Better Security and Connectivity

Wink Hub 2 Connected Smart Home Device Promises Better Security and Connectivity

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Smart Wink home platform recently launched its new Wink Hub 2, its upgraded and better version of its original Wink Hub. According to the company the new product is “better, faster, more reliable, and more secure.” Basically, it still connects to an app on smartphones and acts as a central location distributor for users to connect to various smart home electronics in one location.


In Smart Wink’s announcement last September 27, the new Wink Hub 2 is now 25 percent slimmer and supports both 2.4 and 5GHz networks. It now also comes with an Ethernet port for smoother network connections. Wink also improved the Wink 2’s wireless capabilities to be able to support Kidde, Lutron Clear Connect, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, and with improved Bluetooth Low Energy connection. To upgrade it hardware feature, Cryptographic verification has been added to safeguard against tampering, ensuring that Wink Hub 2 only runs from software it trusts.

The new product has a sleeker squared-off white body but still basically looks like a router. But that’s its job so that’s how it looks. The new Wink Hub 2 now has a faster processor and 8x more memory, making it faster than the original Wink Hub and can even run “advanced automations” such as “Daily Schedules.” Specific devices can also be turned on or off at set times while “robots” can activate one product while triggering an action from others.


The new Hub definitely includes support for products from well-known brands like GE, Kwikset, Nest, Philips, Amazon, and more. In short, according to the company, the new Hub Wink 2 has “increased speed and reliability.” A little thing funny about the new product is that it includes a radio capable of working with Thread devices, that is assuming that any Thread-compatible products will ever actually be made in the near future. This feature leaves experts baffled. Or maybe Smart Wink is just looking ahead just in case.


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The company is also now updating it iOS and Android Wink app to version 5.0. It will introduce a streamlined setup system for first-time users and a no-hassle hub-to-hub transfer process for owners who want to transition from the original Wink Hub. New buyers will have to wait just a little bit more as the new Wink Hub 2 will be available starting this late October and is priced at $99.


It will be made available at The Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon, and on Wink’s own website. Smart Wink will continue to sell the original Wink Hub for $69 at the same mentioned locations and online. This is, of course, until supplies last. Support for the original Wink Hub will still continue. Users will be able to download the free Wink app from the iOS App Store, with the update following soon enough also in October.


According to Smart Wink’s CTO and founder, Nathan Smith, “We’re not forcing people to upgrade.” He does add that they estimate the crowd most likely to do so may be the first batch of buyers from the previous original Wink Hub.

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