Link AKC Smart Dog Collar: A Fun Accessory That Lets Owners Monitor...

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar: A Fun Accessory That Lets Owners Monitor Their Pet’s Activity and Location

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They say that technology is a ‘dog eat dog’ world wherein inventors and technologists bite, paw, and claw their way to the top in attempts to be ‘top dog’ in terms of sales (sorry, the puns were just too tempting). Since this is the reality of progress and technology, it’s not surprising that this piece of technology was created solely for our dear canine lovers.


Good news for all pet dog lovers because Link AKC will soon launch its Smart Dog Collar. It’s a connectivity accessory with four on-board wireless technology features to ensure that your dog will always be properly monitored.

Link AKC developed its Smart Collar in cooperation and under license with the American Kennel Club, which is also an investor in the company. The Smart Collar has an on-board GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and smartphone technology. The user connects with the collar through iOS or Android app so you can monitor your dog’s activity and health (like a fitness tracker). You can also track the dog’s exact location and even turn on an app-controlled LED light on the collar to help you locate your dog in the dark (very useful if your house suddenly goes dark after a power outage or if you’re walking your dog at night).


All these features are in the single collar unit that also houses the base station charger. The unit in the collar carrier easily slides into the collar that is made of high quality smooth latigo leather, a top notch tanning combination that produces strong and flexible hides.



Should you wish to use your own collar or the collar your dog has been used to, the curved unit and carrier can also easily fit into standard dog collars. While smart collars have already been on the market for some time, the Link AKC Smart Collar is more comfortable for the dog and less likely to get caught on branches or bushes when your pet frolics in the woods.


The unit’s lithium-ion battery can go for up to 3 days on a full charge (don’t you wish smartphones could last this long?) before needing a recharge using the base unit. The base station even has an extra USB port for those nightly routines of plugging your phone and Link AKC unit together for maximum readiness the next day.


When using the Link AKC app, you can set alerts so you’ll get pinged if your dog gets loose and be able to track your pet’s location. You can also set an alert on the GPS if your dog strays outside of a designated area such as from your property. The collar also has a temperature sensor for heat or cold alerts, such as if your car is getting too hot. There’s an app-activated sound that can prove useful for training purposes.


This also proves useful if your dog coyly loves to hide for fun, so the sound easily helps you locate the dog. The Link AKC Smart Collar is expected to be available on December 28 (well, there goes the idea of making it a Christmas gift) and will sell for $199. You need to register in order to subscribe to the company’s $7 monthly cellular data service fee. You can preorder on Link’s official website.

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