Cool New App Alert: Fotr iPhone App Lets Users Print Each Photo...

Cool New App Alert: Fotr iPhone App Lets Users Print Each Photo Taken

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Fotr is a new iPhone app that’s sort of taking you back in time to the age of analog photography. The Fotr app will make you think twice when you shoot photos so as to improve picture quality while making you also think of the last time you printed photos for an album.


That’s because the app will automatically print out every photo you take, whether you like it, or not. Photo printing will never die even in this digital age. Polaroid just launched its new camera with a built-in printer. Leica also recently launched its Sofort, a fancy Instax instant-print camera, that has fashion designer Michael Kors using this new camera in experimenting with a new type of special fashion photography. And there is the Impossible Project’s I-1, another type of instant-print camera.


According to Fotr founder, Ondrej Loudil, while digital photography is more convenient, when there is no cost to reshooting an image, photographers put less thought into the shot, resulting in pictures with lesser quality.

By adapting some of those analog elements, Fotr is a tool that encourages users to put more effort into every frame. The reality of the digital age is that people take near-infinite number of pictures and they usually end up stored on hard drives and often people look at them only once or twice and then neglect them.


Fotr makes you view all of the photos you take because they have all been printed out while the originals are still stored in your phone or computer. Once an image is captured on Fotr and printed out, they are shipped to the user within 10 days.


When you talk to professional photographers about improving photography skills, they normally recommend getting and using an analog camera. Film is expensive, along with the photo development, so you think twice before taking a picture. The Fotr app allows the user to choose between the standard 6×4” size for printing or the larger 7×5”. The user can also choose between color or black and white prints or the number of “shots” of 24 or 36 frames for a “film.”


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The so-called “films” range in price from $17 to $35, and this includes delivery of the photos to anywhere in the world. Many photographers and general users are in a quandary if the app is a good idea or not. There is definitely something to be said about shooting an infinite number of photos and then printing only those that are good. Also, prints can be made at a lower cost than Fotr.


But for those growing up with those expensive 12-shot, 24-shot, and 36-shot films and spending hours on hours developing and printing photos in darkrooms, the theory behind Fotr may seem sound. Being forced to be more aware of basic photography framing skills will really do wonders for a user’s photographic output. While the vast majority may not agree with this app, those who want to shoot better without the help of Photoshop later will find Fotr app really helpful.

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