Listen To Music Better With Ergonomic Ear-shaped Headphones

Listen To Music Better With Ergonomic Ear-shaped Headphones

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A company called Human, Inc., has just evolved auditory listening for humans with its new wireless audio called “Sound” and it offers a new category into wireless audio while offering different listening and communication experiences.


On September 20, 2016, Human Inc. gave a pre-sale launching of its new audio product, “Sound.” Though technically still a headphone, the product transcends traditional definitions of headphones. Rather than build just another “bulky headphone” (that often ruins a good hairdo) or plastic earbuds that are easily lost, Human, Inc. focused on a fresh design inspired by the shape and auditory needs of the human ear.


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Image Source: Indiegogo


The “Sound” by Human Ear Cup Headphones (as it is being marketed) is now available on pre-order on Indiegogo with different “perks” or promotions featured. So far, the $170 Launch Special is now sold out with the first deliveries to begin in July 2017.


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“Sound” by Human gets its design inspiration from the shape of the human ear. Instead of just putting on bulky headphones over the head or plugging ear buds into the hole, the ear is totally encapsulated by the “Sound” headphones, allowing for truly sealed audio listening. This encapsulating design also gives a secure and comfortable fit that acts like an organic listening extension of the ear, allowing for a fuller listening experience.


Of course, with headphone technology going the wireless path, “Sound” takes the same path with no wires, and is compatible with all audio and computer devices. This opened up more space inside the headphones to house more hardware components for more features. All controls are by touch rather than having external buttons and knobs. Audio playback, feature controls, and even phone calls are controlled by swiping or tapping on the headphones.


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Image Source: Indiegogo


To turn off the headphones, they are simply brought together and automatically power off via the magnetic triggering. When pulled apart the headphones powers on and instantly connects to the last device you used.



  • Social allows one listener to selectively distribute and enjoy their audio with other “Sound” users using the Sound app.
  • Fade is an ambient noise system that diminishes all external sounds, again using the app.
  • Amplify gives out a louder and richer sound much better than current Bluetooth offerings.
  • Speak is the headphone’s instant language translation system for instant conversational language translation (limited number of languages for now).
  • Battery life is maintained up to 12 hours in a single charge.


The headphones also come in a selection of white, light gray, dark gray, and black colors. For ear-sizing, you can download the sizing app and press phone to the ear. The ear-sizing system will instantaneously calculate the “Sound” size.


What is Human?

Human, Inc. was founded in 2015 by a team of Pacific Northwest designers and engineers focused on people empowering technologies. Its core centers around its two founders, Ben Willis (CEO) and Joe Dieter (CMO) as well as Ron Stevens (CFO) and Bill Moore (Executive Chairman). In the same year it was launched, the Sound program was launched with the establishment of its core team.

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