Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg And Wife Priscilla Chan Plans To Donate $3...

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg And Wife Priscilla Chan Plans To Donate $3 Billion To Cure All Disease

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What do you do when you’re filthy rich and own Facebook? You donate billions of dollars to put an end to all disease. Seems ambitious, doesn’t it? But that is what Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan are planning to do.


In fact, the power couple announced it last year that 99% of their Facebook shares would be given to charity. In case you’re wondering where the Facebook shares actually go, there’s what’s known as The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and this limited liability company acts as their treasure box for these shares.


Business Insider reported that Last Wednesday, September 21, Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan made a public announcement that they’re planning to devote $3 Billion to a project that will eventually help end all diseases when the 21st Century is over.


There have already been plenty of accomplishments of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative in the past such as donating funds to education start-ups, charter schools and much more. This time, it is looking at pushing through its first major project and that is to direct the funds to treat diseases. This initiative is in line with Dr. Chan’s goals since she is a health advocate and has undergone pediatrics training herself.

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In San Francisco last Wednesday, Dr. Chan gave out an introductory statement to the health initiative that she’s planning to work on. She revealed that it is her organization’s mission to upgrade human potential and encourage equality for all.


Priscilla started becoming emotional upon delivering her piece when she recounted that she was a daughter of Chinese and Vietnamese immigrants and that the number one contributing factor to her success was good quality education.


According to Ny Times Dr. Chan said, “We want to dramatically improve every life in Max’s generation and make sure we don’t miss a single soul,” referring to her and Mr. Zuckerberg’s infant daughter, Maxima. “We’ll be investing in basic science research with the goal of curing disease.”


The Francisco event was a huge one since plenty of VIP’s attended it such as; San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, University of California and Former Secretary of homeland security and investors like Yuri Milner, a major supporter of Facebook even before it became open to public usage. Janet Napolitano also attended the event and around 450 people were present as well.


Since the event was Live on Facebook, 63,000 watched the event at the social media platform. Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan are not alone in the quest to cure all disease since many Facebook co-founders or early executives have also donated cash to charities that are focused on promoting good health. Some good examples of these people are Dustin Moskovitz (Facebook co-founder) and Sean Parker (former Facebook President) which promised $250 Million to 6 cancer centers nationwide.


There also other technology billionaires like Bill Gates who through his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation gave $10.2 Billion to health projects that aim to fight diseases like Malaria, AIDS and Tuberculosis. According to Mark Zuckerberg, that if this health initiative he’s planning with his wife will actually work, the human life expectancy would reach 100 years. He also said in an ending statement;” That doesn’t mean no one will ever get sick,” he said. “But they should be able to treat it and manage it.”

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