Spotify and Tinder Team Up, Adding Music to Your Swipes

Spotify and Tinder Team Up, Adding Music to Your Swipes

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Last Tuesday, Spotify and Tinder revealed to the public that they formed a tie-up to help people connect to each other and find their soul mate through their music preferences. This means that the matching application, Tinder will now add “music preferences” as one of their criteria in finding a partner. This is how it works, Tinder lets a user pick a Spotify song that will serve as that person’s anthem or “theme song”. Potential partners can then listen to it on Tinder without having to switch to Spotify. The CEO of Tinder, Rad said;”It’s that one single track that tells your story. That one song you can’t get out of your head. Where the lyrics of your life meet the rhythm of your soul.”

With that, Tinder will then provide suggestions of potential matches that will be based on a user’s common interests, swiping preferences and mutual friends. In an interview, Sean Rad added;”With Spotify, we’re fully integrating music into the swiping experience in a brand new way — at a massive, global scale.” Those who have Tinder accounts can view and play other users’ list of preferred songs but it is important that their Spotify accounts are connected to Tinder so that they would actually see their common music taste with other users. There are 40 million subscribers of Spotify at the moment.

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There’s also an option wherein Tinder can show a user’s Spotify Top Artists, so that other users can determine the type of music the person that interests them likes to listen to. Isn’t it cool? Users get to pick dating partners that have the same music preference as them!  According to Sean Rad, Tinder’s CEO in a statement to Business Insider, right from the start he’s always wanted to include this feature in his application. He even kept convincing Spotify for two years now and his dream finally turned to reality.

Rad relates;”Music is a big aspect of how people meet. You socialize around the music you love. It says a lot about your personality, what your interests are. This has two benefits for Tinder. The more immediate use case is a conversation starter,” he explains. Tinder has gotten really good at making introductions, but now Rad wants to do more help people get the conversation going, he says. That’s one reason why Tinder has rolled out integrations with both Spotify and Instagram. It gives people something to talk about, clues that will perhaps provoke a more inspired introduction message than, “Hey.”

Furthermore, he continued;” The second benefit of integrating music into Tinder is a little more murky: how music tastes actually affect romantic compatibility. While Rad cites sociological studies that suggest it makes a difference, he simply doesn’t know exactly how impactful it is yet. Understanding the role of music in compatibility is something that Tinder will have to “develop over time” using Tinder’s machine learning processes.” A lot of people say that music has a huge impact on who they select as a dating partner. Through this tie-up, Tinder will be able to prove if that is a fact or a mistruth.

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