Upgrade Your Mac With Apple MacOS Sierra: Where To Find And Download...

Upgrade Your Mac With Apple MacOS Sierra: Where To Find And Download It

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Did you know that Apple has a new desktop operating system? It’s called Apple MacOS Sierra and it’s now available for download. You can get it for free at the Apple Mac App Store but if you just bought a new Mac then it will already have the macOS Sierra installed in it already. One interesting feature about this new OS is that it has the new “macOS branding” unlike older versions which were marked “OS X”. There are also plenty of other awesome features included in the macOS Sierra.

Some of these cool features are the following; macOS is compatible with Siri which is Apple’s virtual personal assistant, the new OS is also capable of copying and pasting files from Mac to iPhone and vice versa plus it also provides iCloud Drive support which allows users to keep files on Apple’s cloud thus saving storage space on their PC’s. Last June, the Worldwide Developers Conference was held and this was also when Apple announced that macOS Sierra will bring about major improvements that Apple users have never experienced before.

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Although this might be the case, after a series of tests conducted by those who have used it said that the new OS still needs to have security enhancements and have its bugs fixed. But despite of these issues, macOS Sierra is still considered to be a great upgrade for Apple users. In case you’re curious what devices are supported by the Apple macOS Sierra, this OS is compatible with Macbooks that were manufactured in 2009 or later, Macbook Pros that were launched mid-2010 and it is also compatible with all Macbook Airs that were already released to the market late 2010 or later.

In addition, macOS Sierra is also compatible with Mac minis that are as old as the mid-2010 models. All iMacs and Mac Pros that were released late 2009 and mid 2010 are also compatible with the new OS that is macOS Sierra. While this is good news to most Mac users, there are also some considerations before installing it. One of these is that, there are some Sierra features that can only be available for recent models. Like the Universal Clipboard support which lets users copy then paste their files from an iOS device to Mac and vice versa. This particular feature will only function in a 2015 or newer MacBook. Aside from that, the Mac Pro should also have a release date somewhere late 2013.

If you plan to install macOS Sierra, make sure to back up all your Mac files. It can be hard if you lost all your important data so be sure to place them in an external hard drive or a USB drive that has the capacity to store them all. Once all your important data are backed up, you can now go to Mac App Store. Look for macOS Sierra and click on it to start downloading it for Free. If you’re done installing it, there will be some questions that need answering to fully continue the process. Double check your files before you complete the process. If everything seems okay, then finish everything and you can now enjoy the latest Apple macOS Sierra!

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