Apple Watch Series 2 Improvements: Now Has GPS and is “Swim Proof”

Apple Watch Series 2 Improvements: Now Has GPS and is “Swim Proof”

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When Apple first came out with the first Apple Watch, it was full of promises to become a popular new computing platform. A year and a half after Apple Watch went on sale, people have used the watch only in limited capacities such as a fitness tracker and a quick way to get information at a glance.

Now, Apple has come out with the Apple Watch Series 2, now on sale at around $369. The focus of this new watch is to overcome the shortcomings of the original watch, even if the Series 2 looks near identical to the original. So, what makes the new Apple Watch 2 better than its predecessor?

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It’s Swim proof

And that means it is waterproof, and in fact, it is just that up to a depth of 50 meters. That’s the same depth as with the Fitbit Flex 2. That’s good news for both swimmer athletes and divers since the watch comes in both pool swim and open water swim options. The waterproofing of the Apple Watch 2 is in conjunction with the GPS and fitness tracker that can now track even swimmers, a major addition in the watch since Apple realized that many Apple Watch users have relegated the original watch to fitness trackers. The trade off to its water resistance is that when you come out of the water you need to eject the water from the watch through its speaker. The Apple Watch 2 plays a tone and the water sort of sputters out of the speaker. Some people may find this kind of silly cool since fitness trackers don’t have speakers in the first place.

GPS and Fitness Tracking

The original watch was a great general fitness tracker but lacked other important details. Now, the Apple Watch 2 has GPS that tracks where you are when you go out running, swimming, hiking, biking, or just about anywhere your sports heart takes you. And yes, it now comes with heart rate sensor that nails the watch for sports enthusiasts to measure heart rate during workouts, with the data being fed into Apple Health or a third-party fitness app of your choice. It also records distance, pace, speed metrics, and when you go swimming, the number of laps you take, average lap pace, and auto-detect stroke type.

Additional New Features

The new Series 2 comes with its new second generation dual-core S2 chip processor that is 50 percent faster than the original watch, while the new GPU offers better graphics performance.

Like the original watch, the Series 2 still comes in 38 mm and 42 mm case sizes. But the choices for the watch case now comes in silver, gold, rose gold, and space grey finishes. Two additional choices of new white ceramic finish and stainless steel will soon be coming out. For those who loved the original gold plated finish, that’s long gone and obsolete.

Another sort of trade off with the GPS is that it’s a big drain on the battery so it only activates during workouts. However, the Series 2 has a larger battery and longer battery life compared to the original series. Not using the GPS the Series 2 can easily stretch past 2 days.

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