Google Messaging Application Allo Launched: Find Out How It Works

Google Messaging Application Allo Launched: Find Out How It Works

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Google just launched its newest messaging application, “Allo” and everyone’s excited about it! Touted as a “smart messaging app”, this application has its very own Google Assistant, which is a virtual assistant powered by AI that helps answers questions of users and even suggests restaurants close at hand. One great feature of this App is that it can be effortlessly called upon if users want to join group conversations. Aside from that, Allo can also function as an on-hand expert when it comes to giving advice and fixing issues.

When users install Allo, they must also install Duo, which is Google’s video chat app so they can do video calling as well. Curious about how it actually works? Here’s what happens when users open the App, first they’ll see the list of conversations on their screen. They can choose photos which they can upload as profile pictures. Here’s something fun, users get to chat with Google Assistant, interact and ask something like;”What restaurants are near me?” The assistant will then give responses corresponding users’ requests or inquiries. Users can even filter their search by adding keywords like “best”, “affordable” and others to get specific results.

If users want to know about the latest trending news or weather forecasts, they can also ask Google Assistant those things and expect to get results and sources of information. Another cool thing about Google Assistant is that it works in group messages as well! Just by typing @Google and then firing a question in the group conversation, it will immediately respond to the question. For one-on-one conversations, Google Assistant works the same way in group chats. While it’s true that Google Assistant app works very well, there are times when it isn’t able to provide the right answers to users’ questions since it is still learning.

If users want to emphasize their messages in the conversation, they can add emojis or alter the message size. Stickers are also available to make the conversations more fun and meaningful. Sticker packs can be downloaded for free in Sticker Marketplace and some are already built in the application. Another awesome feature of Allo is that it has “Smart Reply”. It studies users’ speech habits as time passes by. So when other users throw simple questions like; “How are you doing?” the messaging app will give out a few replies so the one being asked doesn’t need to respond all the time.

For Android users, they can make their photos more fun to look at since they can draw on their pictures. In need of some privacy? Allo has the “Incognito Mode” feature which allows users to encrypt their conversations and hides notifications on users’ lock screens. A timer can also be set on how long the incognito mode can last. Interested enough? If you want to try out the latest messaging Allo by Google, download it now. It is currently available for iOS and Android users beginning today.

Photo by feliperivera cc Google Messaging Application Allo Launched: Find Out How It Works

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