Meet the Karma Drone! GoPro’s Latest Toy Looks To Make An Impact

Meet the Karma Drone! GoPro’s Latest Toy Looks To Make An Impact

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GoPro has been synonymous with action camera for so many years. And while it still holds that distinction today, the company has seen its market share dwindle the past few years to competitors who offer a more affordable price than the GoPro range.

Drones have seen its popularity rise in the past few years. Users from the military to filmmaking, to adventurous individuals have seen a massive demand in the drone space. And Go Pro has finally dipped their fingers with the launch of the Karma.

Why go for the Karma?

What the Karma has going for it is its relative ease when using. If you are the type of person who is intrigued with the what a drone can do but gets intimidated from buying one, then the Karma drone is definitely worth checking out.

First of all is this drone’s portability. A lot of drones are so bulky and takes too much space. This is an area which the Karma drone aims to differentiate itself from the competition; it neatly folds itself into a smaller package and can be tucked into its backpack case along with all your other accessories.

Pretty neat feature if you like packing a lot of stuff on your trips.

How about the controls?

The karma is operated using a clamshell-shaped touch screen controller. It comes with thumbsticks and the touchscreen is used mainly for controlling your GoPro camera’s settings. Which is definitely a plus when you want to change some of the camera settings mid-air.

Business Insider also says that the Karma Drone has a built-in flight simulator that teaches you how to fly the Karma without actually taking the device airborne which is a boon for first time drone flyers.

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Additional Features

Besides the built-in flight simulator, one amazing feature added to the Karma drone is a 3 axis gimbal that is used to stabilize the camera much better. This allows the footage to have Hollywood movie type of stabilization for smoother video capture.

This can also be removed from the device added to the Karma Grip for handheld use so you can go from drone to trek shooting in an instant.

The Karma drone is an excellent addition to the GoPro ecosystem. You can use the Karma’s stabilizer and grip combo to any GoPro mount. The newer GoPro line of cameras is also compatible with the drone, namely the GoPro 4, Hero 5 Black, and the Hero 5 Session.


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Speed and Battery life

According to the same article, The Karma drone can do 35 mph and has a 1-kilometer range from the controller.

The drone can give you 20 minutes of flight time per charge.


The GoPro Karma will be available on October 23 at 799 US dollars without nay cameras. If you plan to buy a bundle, the Karma will cost 1099 US dollars with a Hero 5 or 999 US dollars with a Hero 5 Session.

So there you have it, a review of GoPro’s latest foray into the drone market. Will you be grabbing one when it rolls out in stores on October 23?

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