PlayStation VR: Eight Demo Games That Will Come Upon Purchase

PlayStation VR: Eight Demo Games That Will Come Upon Purchase

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It won’t be long before the PS4 VR will be rolling out in stores and into our living rooms. But before you put on that headset and start moving around like a headless chicken, Sony has made sure to include a demo disk that will show you the capabilities of PlayStation VR. Think of it as an 8 game tutorial that will mimic most gameplay controls you will encounter in this new world.

So here are the 8 demo games you will enjoy when you buy PlayStation VR.

Drive Club VR

This racing simulator by Evolution studios got off from a rocky start. It wasn’t the best driving simulator it was promised to be, but you can’t deny it’s amazing photo-realistic visuals. Putting this on the PlayStation VR is quite genius, as racing games have a bright future when it comes to uual

Playstation VR Worlds

Playstation VR Worlds is a video game that is all about showcasing amazing visuals with great action. The demo would be an ocean adventure called Ocean Descent where players will get to explore a vast ocean filled with breathtaking sights, secrets, and lurking danger.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League

This fast paced sports shooter is a great way to introduce the VR to adrenaline rush seeking gamers. Basically, you have to pilot a double gunned sports “RIG” in a futuristic looking arena for mechanized combat.

Tumble VR

This puts you in a virtual arena where you have to use some dexterity as well as mental skills to solve a series of 3D puzzles. Puzzles range from building towers to creating bridges. What is fun about this particular game is you can have another player using a headset play with you in cooperative and competitive modes. Although it remains to be seen if this feature is included in the demo.

Battlezone Rebellion

The only thing better than seeing a tank is using them. The guys at Rebellion studios definitely have the right idea when they came up with Battlezone Rebellion for the PlayStation VR. The game puts you inside the cockpit of a tank called “The Cobra” as you blast your way to save all of mankind.

EVE: Valkyrie

Another game which showcases a vehicle for the PlayStation VR. If you love complex space battles while piloting a spacecraft then this game is definitely one to look out for.


This is sort of a soccer simulation game. The premise is you must use your head to hit a ball to take down certain scoring targets. Don’t worry because the game gets a bit tougher as you beat levels. Let us hope this does not cause any stiff necks to gamers.

Wayward Sky

Wayward Sky is a great game if you want to see how VR would handle adventure games. The premise is you are a pilot named Bess on a flying ship looking to save your father. What is unique about this particular game is its use of “mixed reality” where you shift from third person point of view for the exploration parts and go to first person view for the puzzle parts.

It looks like Sony is turning back the clock and using demo discs to showcase its games (remember the PS1 demo disc?) If you have any comments regarding this story, please feel free to write them below.

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