Spotify Vs Apple Music: Choosing The Right Music Service For You

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Gone are the days when there was only one true giant in the musical streaming service category. Spotify dominated the scene, and if you look at the figures still continues to be.

But when Apple music made its debut last year, Spotify suddenly had a worthy adversary. Apple began with a rocky start, but finally steadied its legs and started gaining some steam towards the end of the year.

Flash forward to the present, and their rivalry continues to get heated. According to CNET, Spotify has over 40 million subscribers while Apple already has 17 million.

You might say to yourself, “Well that is not much of a rivalry.” While it is true that Spotify current has about a 20 million subscriber lead over Apple, it is worth consider how short Apple went from zero to 17 million in just over a year.

So for music lovers anywhere, which music streaming service should you choose? Let us try to tackle the pros and cons of each service and figure out if there is a clear winner.


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Both services are priced at 9.99 US dollars so there is not much of a difference here. Both of them offer a student discount of 4.99 US dollars.

But according to Macrumors, Apple music has a sly way of getting more subscriber to join the other side. They recently began selling annual membership gift cards for 99 US dollars. If we do the math, that would just set you back around 8.25 US dollars per month. That is more than a dollar in savings and could sway some music lovers to change subscriptions.

Let us see how Spotify responds.


Free service?

Apple has a free three-month trial but does not have much beyond that unless you pay for the monthly service.

Spotify, on the other hand, has a free music service that lacks some features of the premium service and also has ads.


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Music database

With prices that are virtually identical, then music database could be the key to finding out which service is right for you.

Well, this one could be tricky, because as of now both their library is virtually tied when it comes to their respective collections. So unless you are really really into Taylor Swift (If you are, then go ahead towards the apple shaped light at the end of the tunnel) then both are pretty much the same.


Sound quality

Spotify’s music comes in three categories: Normal (96 kbps), High (160 kbps), and Extreme (320kbps), Apple, on the other hand, is standardized at 256 kbps.


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Spotify has a feature called Discover Weekly Playlist, which is a feature that lets you listen to new tracks every week. With Spotify, you can also share tracks to social media platforms as well send songs to other users.

Apple, on the other hand, has a Beats Radio for those who like listening to an old fashioned radio.


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Looking at the two services, it’s plain to see that they offer near identical value. It is worth noting however that Apple has big plans for the service with lots of rumors swirling around of planned exclusive signings of big artists.

However, there is no reason to doubt Spotify because of the company’s track record when it comes to its offerings. So when it comes to streaming service, it really does not matter which of the two you choose, both will appeal to the music lover in you.

Unless of course, you really really like Taylor Swift.

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