Luxury Car Maker Aston Martin’s Next Venture: Baby Carriages and Yachts

Luxury Car Maker Aston Martin’s Next Venture: Baby Carriages and Yachts


Luxury carmaker Aston Martin, famous for being the automobile of choice by a certain fictional British agent will be dipping its fingers in the baby stroller market. The car manufacturer recently opened an exclusive boutique at the posh 8 Dover Street in London’s Mayfair.

Located at the heart of a known shopping destination and rubbing elbows with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Prada, Aston Martin’s latest venture according to the Australian Financial Review would include “ornamental bowls, 3,000-pound ($3,980) baby strollers and 1,100-pound weekend bags” The interior of the store exudes the class and elegance their cars are known for. According to their official website:

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“The warm and inviting environment features modern design and the very best artisan craftsmanship such as a bespoke mosaic floor, handcrafted from European oak.

The unique floor follows a Nautilus shell design, starting in the centre of the showroom with a brass plaque proudly displaying the famous wings and circling out to the edge of the room where it flows seamlessly to tailor-made oak cabinets.

The Nautilus design is mirrored on the ceiling with a “Starry Night’ light installation which highlights the sleek, elegant lines of the Aston Martin sports car on display creating a ‘dream’ light effect. The lights give No. 8 Dover Street a multidimensional character, which can be adapted to suit the art or products on display and the wide range of events that the space will host.”

Sounds fancy, right?

Aston Martin wants the store to be known as a place where admirers of the brand can bask in the exclusivity and luxury that is associated with the car maker. They would also want those who can afford it, to make the Aston Martin name some sort of one stop shop for all your luxury needs.

Or as Chief Executive Officer Andy Palmer said in a statement, “Wouldn’t it be great if you’re down in a luxury harbour somewhere staying in an Aston Martin apartment, with your Aston Martin parked in the car park, and your Aston Martin boat harboured outside”

Yes, you heard that correctly, an Aston Martin boat is probably in the company’s pipeline. Well now at least we all know what to expect in future James Bond movies.

Quintessence-AM37-Plan-View_V02_B-resized-news Luxury Car Maker Aston Martin’s Next Venture: Baby Carriages and Yachts

The store would also act as an events place for various Aston Martin affairs and art exhibitions. According to Forbes, Managing Director of Aston Martin Brand said, “No. 8 Dover Street provides the perfect environment for us for us to showcase the beautifully crafted products and experiences offered through Art of Living by Aston Martin. It’s a space where we express our brand DNA through other brands.”

It is not entirely unheard of for famous to move into other venture and move away from their comfort zones, Ferrari already dabbled in the retail space and even Louis Vuitton is trying its luck in real estate.

We’ll see how this latest endeavor by Aston Martin pans out. As for now, we can all sleep well tonight knowing there is a baby somewhere out there in an Aston Martin stroller.

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