How Smartphones Will Control The House of Future

How Smartphones Will Control The House of Future

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What is the house of future? Well, imagine smart security, self cooking ovens, self cleaning carpets, self automated robot butlers to complete all your chores, smart gadgets that remind you to have sex and then automatically set themselves in motion to clean up the bed and make themselves, welcome to your possible house of future.

While the artificial intelligence and augmented reality are still in works and that dream home is a few decades away, what’s fascinating is to think about all the incredible immediate things we can do with a latest smartphone in our hand almost immediately tomorrow.

meta-glasses How Smartphones Will Control The House of Future
Virtual Reality Controlled Gadgets

Smartphone are rocking the world, whether it’s checking emails, instantly responding to friends or taking a look at the weather forecast before we leave the house. Smartphones have delivered access to many factors that affect our lives.

The progression is far from over, of course, and many of the advances in technology that happen in the future may well freak us out a bit right now, but some of those appearing over the horizon are certainly set to bring us more control in our lives, particularly in how we operate with other devices around the house.

Well, quite a bit much of buzz has been made about the market opportunity underlying smart homes, but consumers are not yet convinced. The Consumer Technology Association understands this and forecasts that sales of wearable devices will be quadrupled compared to sales of smart home devices in 2016, reaching 38 million and around 9 million units sold, respectively. That is something to think about for sure.

We can safely predict that traditional clay bricks are likely out of future constructions, as we believe future houses are likely to be more eco-friendly, eschewing CO²-heavy manufacturing processes. So expect a lot of new never seen before technologies appearing near a retailer near you.

While, it may not seem as if it would be so easy to connect all of the different technologies around the house and get them to function together, but upgrades in programming over recent years have made that a realistic possibility.

Indeed, there are plenty of devices in the average house that can nowadays interact in some way with a computer, including alarms, heating, water, television, and just turning things on and off.

1 How Smartphones Will Control The House of Future
Smart Home Gadgets

This can affect our lives in a number of ways. Perhaps one of the most exciting applications of this technology is one that could potentially save lives and livelihoods for the forgetful types – smartphones can allow us to check if we turned the alarm on, turned the oven off, or if some appliance is about to burn the house down. A quick glance at the relevant smartphone app and we can allay these types of fears.

Smartphones are also very much becoming part of home life as society continues to collect more of these devices, often eschewing bigger and more powerful laptops and desktops in favor of something that can fit easily in one hand.

The way all of this is brought together and assimilated into one useful format is termed the ‘Internet of Things’, as everyday devices we use at home and in our daily lives transmit data across the Internet and help to build up a much bigger picture.

All of these machines are fitted with appropriate sensors that allows for all of this data to be accessed from elsewhere, wherever you are in the world. Handily, this can also be via your smartphone. There is an impressive range of devices that can be connected, which many may not have considered, such as door locks, tennis rackets and toasters. International research firm Gartner reckons that by 2020 there will be 25 billion of these items in existence globally, and other firms provide less conservative estimates.

Given that most of our products are assembled by different companies and manufacturers, it will come as no surprise to learn that all of the items in your kitchen are not necessarily speaking the same language, as they will in your house of future.

Ikea-kitchen_2603101b How Smartphones Will Control The House of Future
Smart Home Kitchens of Future

However, today’s young entrepreneurs are already looking into making this house of future a reality today and  have made impressive headway into creating the smart home of the future, as they look to take advantage of new and exciting possibilities to transform how we live. One such example looking into implementing this future is the Razor House in California, that is being led by Donald Burns who is completely focused on being a pioneer in the field. The house already allows control of sensory features such as temperature, audio and lighting with just an iPad in each room, as well as automated shading to control sunlight levels and is working on implementing other new technologies.

These kinds of developments show just how far we have come in just a few decades, from gigantic mobile phones bigger than our faces to a much more pleasant version of a Stanley Kubrick-envisioned future. We are very much at the beginning of the journey in terms of smartphones, as the technology has to play catch-up to the grand ideas.

While we are nowhere even close to the “Iron Man” world of technologies, it means we now have a goal to meet our dreams and take us into next set of global innovation. This means there are many more exciting aspects of future tech that could continue to transform our homes and lives in the years to come, though they may not all appear the fanciest of gadgets.

6a3dTony-Stark How Smartphones Will Control The House of Future
Iron Man House of Future Innovations

Smart thermostats are likely to be a great way for us all to bring down our energy usage, as your smartphone can control a device that operates all of your other devices. It is estimated to be able to save us 20 percent on energy costs, and shows the potential savings in our house of future.

With all of these exciting changes to come over the next few years, it will be fun to see how we can get our hands on this tech that will allow us to sleep easy all over the world, as we log in with our phones and confirm that we definitely locked the back door before we left.

Have you guys already connected your smartphones to smart home gadgets yet? What do you think the house of future will bring in making our homes completely handled by smartphones? Share your thoughts in the comments below and if you know of any latest technologies we should write about in this field.


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