The 6 Most Controversial Mobile Apps You Can Download Right Now

The 6 Most Controversial Mobile Apps You Can Download Right Now

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With thousands of apps pouring in on the web each year, it is hard for app creators to keep building something that will make them stand out in this extremely crowded industry that is being led by the Apple and Google app stores. Trying not to get lost, it is then hardly a surprise to find a few mobile apps using the oldest PR trick in the book to get noticed and build controversial mobile apps.

While Apple and Google do have a robust app approving process in place, there are still that make it through and instantly get famous by making a negative splash. While some get punished immediately and get banned from the app stores, some appear and disappear in other ways or slight changes and a few do actually avoid the “jail time” from Apple and Google app stores.

While you can blame these developers for their wrongdoing for all the public backlash they face, it is also literally the same reason why they get famous and make tons of money. Ironically, sometimes the developers aren’t even looking to get into this controversy but it is just how their technology gets used by the app users that give them that status.

So while we were looking through latest mobile technology apps, we found 6 mobile apps that got launched or thrown in a controversy for better or for worse. While, some enabled your phone to become a medium into the world of stalking, while others were just horrendous and unacceptable in more ways than one.

Here is a list of a few of those apps that sprung into controversy and while these are not ranked or rated in any particular form, these all have made their own headline news.

Mobistealth (iOS and Android)

The company behind this app claims that it is a mobile monitoring solution developed solely to facilitate employers and parents in safeguarding their reasonable legitimate interests. However, the app has been raising eyebrows due to its uncanny resemblance to the dreaded cell phone spy apps, or in other words, spyware. With an ability to log everything from calls, texts, chats, emails, browsing history, location, and so much more, it is not too hard to understand why so many people find its very existence unnerving. Has this fear taken its toll on Mobistealth’s popularity? Not at all.

HowMobistealthWorks The 6 Most Controversial Mobile Apps You Can Download Right Now
MobiStealth Spy App

Telegram (iOS and Android)

Telegram is really unlucky to have ended up on this list. It is an excellent messaging app, with security and privacy as its cornerstone. Unfortunately, its potential ended up attracting the wrong kind of crowd (read terrorist). The developer has taken a lot of flak for its initial lack of response to the situation, but since then it has started to show some intent and taken action against many unwelcomed users. This has helped it rebound from the setback due to negative press. Have the terrorists stopped using it for their communications? Well, we don’t know for sure.

Yik Yak (iOS and Android)

The biggest reason for Yik Yak’s steep climb on the popularity charts has also been its biggest factor for criticism – anonymity. This social network app lets users posts anything their heart desires without revealing their identity or location. Unfortunately, this did not turn out to be a very smart move as the platform quickly became a paradise for cyberbullies and hell for their victims, which included both users and non-users. Apparently online anonymity is not something that the society, especially the younger generation, is mentally ready for yet. As for the app, it is still holding its own despite a strong backlash from angry parents, teachers, and law enforcement authorities (LEAs).

Girls Around Me (iOS and Foursquare)

Considered, another extremely controversial mobile apps, this has been headlined in news a few times already is this Russian Developers led app called “Girls Around Me”. It is very much an app that falls in the categories of Grindr and Tinder and is geo-location-based that promised to transform your single life status. Far from a dating app, these developers took things to a much creepier level when they used the Foursquare API to find female users and displayed them on a map that was centered on your location at that specific time. Anyone using it could find the women nearby and be connected to their facebook profiles and stalk their information and private information. Ofcourse, with the ruckus caused by this, Foursquare quickly modified its API so it doesn’t get associated as part of the most controversial apps ally.

Ashley Madison (iOS and Android)

This is perhaps one of the most controversial mobile apps on our list. Ashley Madison is engaged in the not-so-noble mission of promoting infidelity by encouraging its users to taste the forbidden fruit of extra-marital affair with other members, also married. The app made headlines last year after its database got hacked, which some authorities believed to be an inside job. However, Ashley Madison’s parent company Avid Life Media managed to do some damage control by convincing the hackers not to reveal the identities and emails of its members. It eventually regained its popularity after surviving a few months of rocky ride.

2015_07_21_07_30_14 The 6 Most Controversial Mobile Apps You Can Download Right Now
Controversial Ashley Madison App

Carrot Dating App (iOS and Android)

Giving hope to people who have tried and failed to get a date the “righteous” way, Carrot dating app allows its users to bribe people into going out with them. The bribe normally includes carrots, dinner, drinks, etc. A lot of people are describing the app differently, though majority seem to agree on it being “virtual prostitution”. Whatever may be the case, the app is still around and doing pretty good, which is probably all that matters to the developer.

What do you guys think of these controversial mobile apps? Are there others that should make the list and are even more controversial? Have you guys used any and what are your thoughts on these apps? Let us know in comments below.


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