Uphold the Galaxy S7 ’s Modern Design with a Vinyl Skin

Uphold the Galaxy S7 ’s Modern Design with a Vinyl Skin


After a series of less than stellar phones (we’re looking at you, Galaxy S5), Samsung finally got itself together and delivered on the Galaxy S7. It’s being heralded as a design trailblazer, as Samsung leaves behind the cheap and plastic materials of its older models for sleek and sturdy Corning Gorilla Glass 4. When your S7 looks as good as it does, you don’t want to choose a form of protection that will compromise all of the stylistic headway Samsung has made. You need a vinyl skin for its unique ability to cover all of the phone’s flaws without interfering with its innovative design.

11 Uphold the Galaxy S7 ’s Modern Design with a Vinyl Skin

How could such a ground-breaking phone have flaws, you say? Well, if you’ve spent any time handling your phone (and chances are, you have!), you’ll notice that while the Gorilla Glass looks great from afar, it’s still glass, and it does what every other glass surface does when you get your fingerprints on it: it smudges. Not just a little bit, either. When you handle your S7 as much as you do, the back of your Galaxy looks positively grimy.

When you apply a vinyl S7 skin to the backing of your phone, you cover up the sensitive glass hardware. It creates an impervious barrier between the phone and your oily fingers, so you never have to worry about smudging up your S7 again. Nor will you have to worry about the S7 skin taking the phone’s place for grimiest surface ever. Due to the unique composition of these skins, the vinyl is grime resistant, so it solves the issue permanently.

A Galaxy S7 skin can only provide this dirt and grime resistance properly if it has the right fit. You can’t expect to equip you phone with a skin that doesn’t match its dimensions. If even a millimetre of your Galaxy goes uncovered, this small strip of phone will attract dirt like a magnet. When enough grime is collected, it can work its way underneath the skin and compromise its fit. The same goes for any skins that are slightly too large for your Galaxy. In both cases, an inaccurate S7 skin will completely ruin the modern, sophisticated line of the smartphone. What you want is a skin that’s accurate down to the micro-millimetre.

Since design is such an important component for the S7, it’s vital that the skin you choose takes style seriously. What good would it be if you spent the time to find a precision-cut skin to uphold the integrity of the design only to slap on a heinously ugly pattern? When you want tailored grime-protection and a fashionable accessory, visit dbrand.com/shop/galaxy-s7. Their selection of vinyl skins are unlike any other you can find online. They offer quality true colours and interesting textures that you can mix and match using their online build-a-skin tool. With a few clicks of your button you can have a customized skin worthy of the S7 ready to order.

When you have a skin that matches your fashion sense, you can feel confident about showing it off wherever you go. Never will you have to furiously rub away finger smudges again. With a quality-made Galaxy S7 skin helping you out, your phone will look as good as it did straight out of the box – scuff, scratched, and grime-free!

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