How to buy books on your Kindle iPad app?

How to buy books on your Kindle iPad app?


I hate Apple iPads for some reasons. Not being able to buy directly a book from my Kindle iPad app is just one of them. But then there isn’t a real alternative in the market that I want to switch to.

Being an avid book reader, I keep adding more books to my virtual shelf, and I use my iPad for reading books. Today, I am going to share how I buy books directly from my iPad.

4494586777_4d26c08db9 How to buy books on your Kindle iPad app?

Why you can’t buy books directly from Kindle iPad app?

Apple takes a whopping 30% cut from in-store app purchases that makes a lot of companies stay away from the in-store purchasing facility. That’s pretty much what happened with Kindle.

So, you can easily sync your bought books from Amazon Kindle store to your Kindle iPad app, but you can’t make new purchases directly from the app.

Here’s how to purchase new Kindle books using your iPad.

Log on to through Safari browser on your iPad. Log on to your account. If you’re visiting this for the first time; you will see a popup asking you to add a Kindle store to your home screen. Do that. Else, click ‘add to home screen’ option using the share button on the right side of the browser’s address bar.

There will be a new icon on your iPad’s home screen named Kindle Store. Whenever you want to buy a new book, click there. Choose the book you wish to read/purchase and click ‘read now’. The book will be automatically downloaded to your Kindle library.

No need to get into that hassle of syncing your books to the Kindle. It’s tedious and cumbersome. That’s why I shared an easier way to do that. Hope you enjoyed reading. If you want to know about some other Amazon Kindle tricks, feel free to ask!

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