Tried & Tested: How to find how much traffic a website gets?

Tried & Tested: How to find how much traffic a website gets?


Do you know most of the so-called influencers these days have just bought social media followers for pennies? They don’t have a real following, and hence are very unlikely to have a real traffic. What if you want to know about the traffic a website gets? Here are some websites that can help!

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These websites are merely for estimates. Sometimes they overstate and understate the facts. That’s why it’s advisable to use all these sites and use the average to figure out about the facts.

1.    Alexa: this website ranks the sites all around the web by the page views, and backlinks they’ve got. It also gives you estimated traffic stats. As the stats are dependent upon the other websites ranked on the site, the number varies significantly as compared to the actual stats. A lot of people don’t give importance to Alexa rankings, but it’s, indeed, a good source to judge the traffic of a particular site.

2.    Compete: This site gives the estimated amount of U.S. traffic a site gets. They fetch data from their toolbar, ISPs and other traffic websites.

3.    SimilarWeb: This site includes a lot of statistics about traffic from different countries, traffic sources, total visits, engagement and bounce rate. It is considered quite similar to the actual traffic a website gets.

4.    SiteWorthTraffic: Although this site is to build an estimate of a site’s worth, it gives a good estimate of the total number of page views and unique visitors a site gets per month.

5.    TrafficEstimate: It is another free tool check the estimated traffic a website gets. By a simple search, you can check the monthly traffic stats.

6.    Rank2Traffic: It not only gives you estimated monthly traffic but also allows you to compare the traffic history and Alexa rank of a website for many years. It is an excellent online tool which can help you track the growth of a particular site.

All of these tools are nowhere close to the actual stats but when combined; they give you an almost accurate picture. What are you waiting for? Start spying on your competitors!

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