If You Want To Appeal To Millennials, Go The Mobile Beacon Route

If You Want To Appeal To Millennials, Go The Mobile Beacon Route


As millennials age and move into more mature cycles of consumerism, an ever-increasing number of businesses are seeking ways to target this large demographic, and it turns out that mobile app technology, and beacon tech, in particular, might be the best way to do it.

Mobile is proving prolific in targeting millennials. With m-commerce becoming more and more prevalent, and limitations in the mobile web being realized and reduced, many retailers are turning to the development of native mobile apps to help them track, connect to, and engage with, these consumers. The major advantage is the ability to provide the personalized, social shopping experiences that drive their interest. According to a new survey by Forbes magazine, almost half of Millennials downloaded a shopping app on their phone in 2015; 54% like these types of apps because the experience is better than using traditional mobile sites; and 27% shop using apps to take advantage of exclusive offers and discounts.

mike If You Want To Appeal To Millennials, Go The Mobile Beacon Route

With the use of beacons by retailers and brands to engage mobile shoppers having reached unprecedented levels this holiday season, it is becoming more and more evident that mobile, beacon-based commerce is the best way to reach millennial spenders. A new report by inMarket suggests that proximity marketing impacted $7.5 billion in spending by millennials during the 2015 holiday shopping season and that mobile is increasingly recognized as a key way to reach this demographic before and while they shop.

Of course, no business can instantly master the complex and intricate details that link beacon tech and millennial shopping trends. If your business is itching to get into the mobile beacon game, or upgrade its current beacon technology, a proven mobile app developer can help you. A combination of experience, innovation and agility will allow a developer like Canada’s Clearbridge Mobile to help you create compelling mobile experiences for your shoppers.

Whether you need to track better foot traffic in your stores, offer promotions to nearby prospects and customers, trigger push notifications based on user behavior or more, our work with beacons will help you communicate with clients, elevate your mobile marketing efforts, and drive sales. Working with some of the world’s biggest brands and using technologies that the other developers cannot or will not, allows developers like Clearbridge Mobile to use the latest beacon technologies that invigorate the relationship between brands and their shoppers.

Experts agree that mobile personalization is imperative in creating the user experience millennials desire from mobile applications. Personalization is key to encouraging brand loyalty, increasing app usage, and providing an experience that will capture attention and engage them. If your business is ready to tackle this new challenge, why not hop online to see what the Clearbridge Mobile custom application development team can do for you?

Shoppers want an experience that is not only intuitive, but relevant to them, and because beacons are providing retailers with unprecedented abilities to personalize in-store shopping via location and contextually based messaging, they will prove pivotal in creating the kinds of experiences Millennials seek. It’s up to you to find a competent, reliable, and proven app developer to help you tap into this burgeoning resource.

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