5 trending Indian Tech Startups

5 trending Indian Tech Startups


Technology has revolutionized our lifestyles in all verticals. Thanks to these Indian tech startups, now we can do almost everything online. Be it shopping, ordering food, paying bills, booking tickets and what not. But hey, have you thought you could check the real time traffic in your city using your laptop? Or have you wanted to book a seat for yourself in a city bus ? Or get a certification for the latest technology course online ? You have always wanted to do it right ? Now you can. Read more to know more!

people-woman-coffee-meeting 5 trending Indian Tech Startups

  1. RentomoFounder: Anshul JohriFounded In 2015.

    Headquarters: Bangalore

    Ok, so I think this is a very cool concept, very innovative and unique. This application will help you rent ‘mostly-­unused’ things from people in your network. These things could be, say, a drilling machine, an iron (maybe some has a few too many), bicycle, camera, anything! So, if you think you might not need something to use more than once, or would use it very rarely, why invest in that? Just ‘Rent’omo it!

  2. TrafflineFounder: Brijraj Vaghani and Ravi KhemaniFounded In 2012

    Headquarters: Mumbai

    Real-time traffic information now at your fingertips! Birds Eye Technology Pvt Ltd, the developers of this application, work on providing users with city traffic data, be it on a highway, secondary roads or local streets of the main cities like New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Their app is available on the Play Store and App Store. Never underestimate travel time anymore!

  3. EdurekaFounder: Loveleen Bhatia, Kapil TyagiFounded In 2011

    Headquarters: Bangalore

    All of us have gone through that phase, where even after 3 or 4 years of a Bachelor’s degree we still find ourselves in no position to compete with the outer world due to lack of practical knowledge and outlook. However, the expectations of hiring companies will remain high. But hey, that’s not a problem anymore. The gap between an individual and a well-doing company is now bridged by Edureka. Providing students and practitioners with a splendid opportunity to learn well-developed courses that are cutting edge, Edureka is the most efficient way to learn new technology and skills.

  4. TodoedFounder: Nischal KesarwaniFounded In 2014

    Headquarters: New Delhi

    This very thoughtful startup aims at making the ‘corporate’ tasks easier. Hmm, how do they plan to do that? Suppose you are chatting with your colleague, and he assigns you a task, ideally you would copy and paste that into one of the task management software your company uses. Todoed wants to replace your idea of ‘ideal’. So now, the task assigned to you could be selected and right clicked and assigned to yourself (or anyone else in your team) without switching screens. Isn’t this very cool? Yes, it is.

  5. Zipgo

    Founders: Jitender Sharma, Gaurav Agarwal, Neeraj Paliwal, Pritesh Gupta Founded In 2015

    Founded In 2015

    Headquarters: Bangalore

    Zipgo is set out to solve the city’s transportation problem and encourage people to opt for the public transport service. How does it want to do that? Ok, so Zipgo has a few mini buses (tempo travellers) that run from one end of the city to the other and using their mobile application you can book a seat for yourself on the go. These AC buses are quite frequent and cover most areas. But are they affordable? Hell yeah! Their rides start as low as Rs. 29!

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