Why I love my Oneplus One

Why I love my Oneplus One


I don’t think I’ve spent even a single day without my phone’s help to accomplish most of my daily tasks. I had owned a Samsung Quattro before I took this huge leap towards getting myself a cool device like the Oneplus One. Not comparing (at least trying not to), but the Oneplus One has given me such sense of luxury that I can’t dream of going back to another phone. When I say luxury, I mean it regarding beautiful design of the phone, high processing speed, crystal clear images and lots and lots of storage space. It’s like that PA of yours that you are just completely dependent on cause you know she(or he?) could take care of all your needs wonderfully. When released, this phone required an invite to purchase it. The company claims that a user should never face limited stock issues and hence if you receive an invite that means there is a phone just for you waiting to be delivered to your doorstep. But now the phone is available online without an invite as well.

Launched in June 2014, this phone still beats a lot of the others in terms of device specifications, looks, and performance. Here I will highlight a few reasons the Oneplus is a must have.

maxresdefault-2 Why I love my Oneplus One

1. Affordability

For a phone like this, at the cost it comes for, I think this is one of my smartest investments so far. The same specifications in most other good quality phones will cost you at least three times more. Although I wouldn’t consider it an inexpensive buy, I personally think it gives you justice for your money.

2. Storage space

A whopping 64GB of internal storage space gives you the total freedom to download as many apps as you want, take tons of HD videos, store a vast collection of music and movies and so much more. Even though there is no provision to add an external SD card, this phone gives you enough to satisfy your needs (not your greed).


This phone flaunts off a 3GB RAM. So forget about your task manager cribbing to you every time you want to play that favorite game of yours while your music player is blasting that new song and you just switched between Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Basically, you can multitask very smoothly.

4. GorillaGlass3

Yes, no more worries about your phone cracking and looking like a shattered piece of the dinner plate. The screen of this phone comes with a sturdy glass that protects it. Also, since the display glass is smaller than the phone itself, it might ‘protect the phone from lateral shocks’, claim a few Oneplus One users.

5. CyanogenMod

CyanogenMod is such a flexible operating system which provides users with a lot of customizability and functionality. You can choose from a wide bunch of themes, double tap your phone to wake the device, double tap your phone on the status bar to lock it, draw a V on your (locked) screen to turn the flash on, a circle to turn your camera on and so much more.

All in whole, this device is a pleasure to have and use. Kudos to the team of Oneplus on making such a fantastic device!

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  1. I very much concur. I have owned this magnificent device for about 4 months now. Mine is not running CM but NuclearSlim with Radioactive Kernel (it’s not as dangerous as it sounds) and that’s the beauty of it, OnePlus fully supports flashing their devices, which makes them unique in that area. Not to mention the mighty community in which employees of the company actively participate.
    It’s not all rainbows and lollipops though, I ordered two devices and one was delivered with a defective flash chip. It took two months of intense troubleshooting and way too much back-and-forth communication before I finally acquired a replacement.

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