7 Android apps you will never uninstall from your phone

7 Android apps you will never uninstall from your phone


There are so many android apps releasing everyday on the Play Store, yet not adding to the usability of its customers. However, very few applications are designed and developed beautifully to accommodate solutions to everyday issues. Here are a bunch of hand­picked applications I personally think are amazing to have.

GalaxySwifis_02androidcommunity-540x540 7 Android apps you will never uninstall from your phone

1. Wifi FTP

This is probably the coolest android app I’ve ever come across. I don’t think you’ll need your USB cables anymore to transfer data from your phone. The device on which this app runs becomes your FTP server and given the IP of that device, any data could be accessed on your laptop/PC provided both the devices share the same WiFi. This means all you have to do is connect your phone (or tablet) and PC(or laptop) to your wireless service, and share files without any hassle. Plus, no OS issues! Access your Android device data on your Mac without the need for a USB cable and “Android File Transfer” application.

2. Dailyhunt

Rated as a “Must Have App” by Live Mint, Dailyhunt is a boon to all the people who love to stay updated on politics, business, technology, sports etc. Dailyhunt provides users with a wonderfully designed user interface to read upon the latest happenings in the country along with the choice to read the same in 11 different local Indian languages including Gujarati, Urdu, Tamil and Telugu. Not just this, there is an abundance of material for competitive exams like IBPS, UPSC, SSC etc. Love ebooks? Go here! There is a huge repository of good ebooks that this app provides including Grihshobha, Manohar Kahaniya, Champak and many others. This app is available in India, UAE, Srilanka, Bangladesh, and Africa and that too for free!

3. Sync.me

You thought Truecaller was cool? This is cooler! Along with being a caller identifier this app also helps you get rid of unwanted spam messages and block those telemarketing calls. Plus, all the contacts on your phone will have a beautiful display picture pulled from any of their social networking accounts and updated every time they update it!

4. Narendra Modi

Our dearest Prime Minister is doing all he can to stay connected to his people and this is one appreciable way of doing so. This android app features latest updates and interactions of the PM with the nation and the world. Mann Ki Baat, a radio programme initiated by Mr. Narendra Modi that also broadcasts on DD National and DD News could also be followed on this app. All his twitter and facebook updates are available live over here. If you’re a ‘modiwadi’, run to your playstore now!

5. 9gag

Awarded as the “Best App of 2014” in the Entertainment genre by Google, this app will provide you with all your daily doze of fun and laughter. (It’s the best medicine anyway, right?). Personally, it’s my favorite app as it has a lot of funny pictures, memes, gifs all these in an impressive number of categories. If you love this app too, check out 9gagTV, 9gagNews, and make tons of other 9gagger friends on their social app, 9Chat!

6. Flightradar24 ­ Flight Tracker

Long hours at the airport killing you ? Download this amazing app and track your flight! Flightradar24 includes real time features like the ability to see the pilot’s screen in the aircraft, watch your plane fly and locating your flight on the map. Apart from this, you can also filter which flight details you want to see or which exact flight you want information for. It uses the ADS­B technology as its primary source for retrieving information.

7. UNO

The all time favorite card game deriving its name from the Spanish numbers, UNO means one. (Now it all makes sense why you jump out and say UNO on your last card right?) This app allows you to add friends and family from all over the world and enjoy a virtual session of Wild­carding, Draw­4­ing, Skip­ing and Reverse­ing. You can also earn yourself a title of UNO Champion, unleash your powers, challenge other fans from across the globe and play in tournaments with them. Tres, Dos, Uno Go!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post are heading to the play store to download at least a few of them. I am confident that you will enjoy these apps as much as I do.

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