6 Mac Keyboard Hacks For Lazy People

6 Mac Keyboard Hacks For Lazy People


Apple’s products have always topped most of our wish list, and why not, they make one of the best devices in the world. These devices come loaded with a variety of keyboard shortcuts to support Apple’s motto of making everything simple and user friendly. All you need to do is discover it! Now you can make your life even more easier using these 6 Mac keyboard hacks. (Thank me later)

macbook-577758_960_720 6 Mac Keyboard Hacks For Lazy People

1. Command­+Q

This will help you instantly close the application you have been using. If you were a Windows user prior to using a Mac, you know that if you click the red cross button on the top it’s going to close your application straightaway, but that’s not the case with Macs. The red cross button will just close the window and still keep the application running. So you have to go to the application, and right click(or tap with double fingers) and select close. Wow, that’s a lot of energy wasted, right? Try this shortcut!

2. Command­+H

This will instantly hide (minimize) your current window and take you straight to the desktop without actually closing your application. This is the most useful for people (you know who) that are running something on incognito (you know what) and want to quickly move to the desktop (you know why).

3. Shift+­Command­+T

Wait, did you close that tab off that you had something important on ? Are you panicking about how to retrieve it back again? Do not worry my friend. This shortcut is going to save you all the time and energy (and panic attacks of course) that you’ll spend looking for it in your history. With the help of these 3 keys pressed down together you can open that tab back again. Simple?

4. Command­+Option­+Esc

So there’s a very convenient feature that the iOS provides; it is to “Force Quit” your application. This means if your application is hanging there in between trying to do some resolve probably a deadlock and unable to do so, you can ask the application to stop trying and end it. This way you don’t waste a lot of time waiting for it to show up with a result.

5. Command­+Spacebar

The Mac comes with a really useful feature called the “Spotlight”. You can use this tool to search any file on your computer or related web pages, words in the built in dictionary or also calculate using this (yes you don’t need to pull out the calculator application when you have a Mac). Using this particular shortcut you can quicken this process even more.

6. Fn­+Right/Left/Up/Down arrow keys

Unlike Windows, the Mac does not have a page up or a page down key. For very long I hadn’t discovered this and used the trackpad to scroll down. But that was frustrating. And then I discovered this shortcut and I was a happy woman ever after. Use the Fn­Left to go to the top of the page, Fn­Right to the bottom of the page, Fn­Up to scroll up in intervals and Fn­Down to scroll down in intervals.

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