Tastiest Of Frameworks: CakePHP

Tastiest Of Frameworks: CakePHP


Web­Frameworks are attracting a wide variety of users due to the kind of efficiency they provide in real world scenarios. The efficiency comes from eliminating redundant lines of code and making reusability the primary goal. Thanks to the massive community that supports open source, the users of these frameworks also help them in fixing the software errors and hence these users become their own testers in disguise. They are also very economical as most web frameworks are free. Inspired by Ruby on Rails, here’s one such framework, CakePHP.

cake1 Tastiest Of Frameworks: CakePHP

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What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is a popular, light­weighted, web framework that uses PHP language to develop code. It follows the MVC architecture, M­model V­view C­controller, that helps in separating the application logic from the user interface layer making the developing and maintenance of code a piece of cake!

How did CakePHP come into existence?

Michal Tatarynowicz, the man behind this splendid piece of software, wrote snippets of code in PHP which developed into a framework and he published this under the license of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The framework was called Cake when it was published and was open to a pool of developers who now use and maintain it under the name CakePHP.

Why CakePHP?

There are a bunch of different advantages of Cake which is why it is so popular. First and foremost it is developed on the M VC architecture which means code could be reusable, there will be clear demarcations of layers and minimal coupling between two layers. C ompatible with both PHP4 and PHP5, which provides added advantage to developers who aren’t familiar with the newest version of the language. It also has provision to create tests and run them to check for crucial points in the application. It uses PHP’s unit testing component to do the same. Along with that it also provides a R equest Dispatcher that can handle custom URLs. B uilt in Validation, which means you don’t need additional tools to tell you you’re good to go! The other advantages of CakePHP include Ajax Support, Flexible Templating, Access control functionality, Security components and much more.

Where is CakePHP used?

CakePHP is ideally used to maintain blogs and websites. Since rendering data from the backend is now easy and fast a lot of companies are initiating the use of CakePHP. Some firms that use CakePHP are Edureka, Andolasoft, Headerlabbs India, Shell Infotech, Tekshapers etc.

The “Ingredients”:

To download and install CakePHP you’ll need a few things pre­installed on your computer (The eggs, flour, butter part)

● HTTP Server. (Here’s a link to one incase you don’t have it yet click here)

● PHP 5.3.0 or greater
Not mandatory, but ideal to have would be a database engine (just like cream of tartar for your stiff egg white peaks!)
CakePHP supports a variety of database engines like MySQL (4 or greater) / PostgreSQL / Microsoft SQL Server / SQLite.

The “Recipe”:

So, there are two methods, eggs in the flour or flour in the eggs.
You can either download it from the main website or clone the code from their repository on git.
For the first method, go here and follow the neatly explained steps given to install git.
For the second method, paste the below line on your Terminal
git clone ­b 2.7 git://github.com/cakephp/cakephp.git

I hope it tastes good!

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