Best Places For Electronics Shopping In Singapore

Best Places For Electronics Shopping In Singapore


Going to Singapore and not shopping for electronics is like going to an Indian restaurant and not ordering Indian food, weird, right? Singapore is famous for its cheap priced electronic goods, along with many other things, which we will discuss in another article. Millions of tourists, from all around the world, go for electronics shopping in Singapore.

Wherever you turn your head, the slashed prices on phones, plasma TVs, laptops, etc. are going to make you hungry for shopping. But be careful! As tempting as it all may look, there is a fair chance that you may end up into the “tourist-tarp” with a fake product.

To help you with this, here are some recommended places that could save you from wasting your money on fake products.

7952522250_79a81e7760_o Best Places For Electronics Shopping In Singapore

1. Sim Lim Square

You cannot afford to miss this place if you are tech savvy customer. I would advice you to start from the uppermost floors because the most authentic stuff and reliable retailers are on the top floors, and work your way downwards.

Try to negotiate when the salesman, if he doesn’t agree or you don’t get the deal of your choice, feel free to walk away. There is a fair chance that they will call you back and offer you a better offer. However, if you are a first timer, do tag along with someone who knows the place, would be economical for you. And don’t forget to check the online prices as you make the deal.

Sony_store_Westfield_Riccarton_2013 Best Places For Electronics Shopping In Singapore

2. IT Shows

IT Show, PC Show, COMEX and SITEX are some of the great events that provide excellent opportunity for electronics shopping in Singapore, if you are a gadget freak. These, among other events are organised all around the year and offer great products at really cheap prices.

From laptops, to cameras, to usb drives, you just think of it and you will find it there. Not only this, retailers also offer you really amazing gifts and cool gadgets in giveaway. Excited!?!?

5376515921_76600147a9_b Best Places For Electronics Shopping In Singapore

3. Funan DigitalLife Mall

Funan is also considered as heaven for electronic shopping in Singapore. In fact, many people find it more trustworthy store than Sim Lim. The traders at Funan follow strict Singapore trading standards to ensure best quality and experience to their customers at reasonable prices.

Funan is undoubtedly the best place for game-lovers too. You can find latest games and consoles like Xbox One, PS4, Wii etc. at stores specialised for gaming stuff. There are also couple of electronics mega-stores like Challenger and Harvey Norman, where you can find all the computers and regular digital related stuff.

6880850407_ceb784e6f3_b Best Places For Electronics Shopping In Singapore

4. Mustafa Centre

Suppose you are roaming around at night, and suddenly you feel this intense hunger to buy a gadget, what would you do? Don’t worry, Mustafa Centre is there to help you. Yes! this place remains open 24×7 to curb the hunger of many techies like you.

At Mustafa, you will find not only electronics, but almost everything from clothes to spices. It is famous for it’s electronics section and the staff members are very friendly and helpful. They would even let you open the packing of the product for inspection, however, if you want to buy it, you would have to get the payment receipt first. If you don’t like the product, feel free to walk away with just a thanks.

Well, these were a few shopping points for all the tech-lovers, who are planning to visit Singapore soon. Hope you find this article helpful. And if you want shopping guide for some other place, please comment. We would be happy to help.

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