Tips To Grab Viewer Attention In Mobile Website Design

Tips To Grab Viewer Attention In Mobile Website Design


Nowadays, it is not enough to just have a site. Businesses need mobile websites as the number of people that currently use mobile gadgets in order to browse the internet is growing. Mobile website design is different than the regular design we are used to so you will need to exercise a different approach. We are faced with a need to have an interface that is suitable for all touch-screens and you want to always keep in mind the tips that we will highlight below.

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1) Keep Content Simple

Mobile website design always focuses on simplicity. This is something that most people do not actually know. It is really important that you always create something that is fast to load and does not cover much of the screen. When looking at the regular design that was popular till now, many different design elements were included. With mobile website design you should not take such an approach.

Analyze your entire site and make sure that you practically eliminate all taps and swipes that are not at all necessary for the viewer. The mobile website has to offer exactly what a user is searching for. In most cases this includes maps, bookings, contact details and so on. Redirect visitors to the main site in order to gain more information if this is required. People that utilize mobile devices will not act in the same way as on the desktop PC. Most people still want to use regular websites but that does not mean you can dismiss the mobile site.

Your content should be fast to load so do reduce how many pictures are added to the mobile site. These are not at all useful and will take up quite a lot of viewable space.

2) Reduce Forms

Filling out forms on a mobile device is a pain. That is especially the case with smartphones. Because of this, you want to reduce how many forms have to be filled out by the visitor. In a similar way, you want to keep field numbers limited as people do not want to add the information that is sensitive on a small screen. Many mistakes can be made when this happens and that can be avoided with ease.

3) Using The Same Theme At The Desktop Site

You want to be sure that the mobile site you set up has a similar look as the main website. This includes corporate colors that are used. At the same time, you want to include the logo. The only problem is that you need to keep it smaller for space purposes but large enough for it to be clearly visible. Just experiment with responsive design in order to achieve that.

4) Space Between Buttons

This is something that is usually forgotten but it is much more important than what many think. You want to have enough space available between the buttons present on the site. This reduces the possibility that you tap on one by mistake. Button padding becomes really important in mobile website design. Increase clickable areas so that you can make it easier for the viewer.



  1. Thanks for sharing useful tips.I think the idea of responsive web design is truly great because in past, we need to make mobile site separately while today, we can adjust it in any device whether it is tablet, Mobile or desktop. Even it is expanding the client experience as well so the clients can get simple navigational experience.

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