Samsung May Invest In Apple?

Samsung May Invest In Apple?


If rumours are true, your iPhone screen might get even more beautiful, very soon. According to some sources, Apple has already decided to buff up their new iPhones with an OLED screen and is about to strike a deal with it’s greatest rival in smartphone market (and outside), Samsung. Yes, you heard it right. Apparently, Samsung Displays is investing a whopping $7.47 billions in manufacturing OLED displays for iPhones and to fulfil the orders. It will also be the leading OLED panel provider for iPhones.

Fuel-Cell-iPhone-6 Samsung May Invest In Apple?

The Display-making division of Samsung is all set to receive orders from Apple at the end of 1st quarter of this year and it will be providing around 30,000 to 45,000 OLED panels per month, this year, with an addition of 45,000 panels per month in 2017, according to the contract. It has already been rumoured that Apple will launch its OLED display iPhones in 2018.

The report also claims that the OLED display manufacturing equipments will be supplied by AP Systems and inspection equipment will be provided by HB Technologies, both are South Korean businesses.

Not only Samsung Displays, but AU Optronics, Japan Display and LG might also be in the OLED panels provider list of Apple. All these companies have provided the current LCD display panels to Apple.

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