Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Review – The Best Android Tablet Ever Made

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Review – The Best Android Tablet Ever Made


It’s been quite some time since tablets first appeared. Although they didn’t really catch the hype in terms of sales, however, they are still being evolved and companies are investing their time and money in them so that they somewhat become an interesting device rather than just being stereotyped as a ‘super sized smartphone.’ The reason why companies are so heavily interested in tablets is because they want to increase their product line-up. That’s exactly why they brought a smartwatch at the first place.

However, companies like Apple, Sony and Samsung have created some of the world’s finest tablets. Apple’s iPad Air is undoubtedly the best-in-class and chances are that they might just unveil a supersized tablet in their upcoming September 9 event. So, in order to give some competition, Samsung decided to unveil a new tab as well and the result: the 9.7-inch and 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. Overall appearance and specs of both these tablets are pretty good and believe us, they can give the iPad a run for its money. Why? Let’s check out…

Stylish and Slim
Samsung’s new tablets are a great improvement over theGalaxy Tab S. What’s important is that it’s not just about the tablets. Samsung has totally revamped their design methodologies for both all their devices, be it smartphones, the stunning Gear S2 or these latest tablets. By taking one glance on the Galaxy Tab S2 you can make out how much effort the company has put in while designing these gorgeous pieces of hardware. Samsung has laid special emphasis on the most intricate details and that is probably the best part.

Not only are these new Galaxy Tabs the slimmest amongst all Samsung tablets revealed till date but are also the most premium looking. The flat and clean design methodology adopted by Samsung has definitely helped the Galaxy Tab S2 to carve out a unique niche for itself amongst other Android tablets available in the market. Unlike the metal-glass construction of iPads, these ones come in plastic injected metal body which makes them extremely solid.
The new tabs are available in white, black and gold and you’ll get a hard rear panel or a soft touch one depending upon the color you choose. While the soft one surely feels good to hold but it’s a complete fingerprint magnet because of which it’s better to opt for the one that has hard panel.

Fabulous Display Quality
Samsung has always given a significant importance to the display quality of its devices and that shows as soon as you fire-up the new Galaxy Tab S2. Saying that the screen is good and bright would be an understatement. In fact the 2048×1536 display on these tabs is the best one out there and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is quite better than the one on iPad Air as well. Colour reproduction is highly accurate and one just can’t ignore the sharpness level of the images and movies on both – the 9.7-incher and 8-incher as well.

Another interesting aspect of this display is that the viewing angles are just perfect. Tablets generally don’t offer much option in terms of viewing angles and you have to deal with it no matter which one you pick. However, Samsung paid close attention to them before building the display for the Tab S2. Moreover, unlike the display of other tabs which simply wash out in sunlight, the one on Galaxy Tab S2 tends to stay strong and braves the mighty Sun with its overwhelming brightness.

A Perfect Multitasking Device
You can never expect to experience pure Android from any Samsung device. This time too, the Tab S2 has a personalised Samsung UI over Android Lollipop which is almost the same one as seen on Galaxy S6 and Note 5. However, there are some nitty-gritty differences as well and the biggest one amongst all is Tab S2’s multitasking capability. Doing more than one task on the Tab S2 is sheer pleasure. One can achieve that by minimizing the screen to one quarter of its normal size and then running the other app simultaneously.

In order to minimize the apps you can simply pull them down from the screen’s top. What’s more important is that even after minimizing the apps, you can still interact with them in exactly the same way as you would have done when they were in their normal size. Once minimized, you can move the app around the screen and just stick it anywhere you want. At one point of time you cannot minimize any more than five apps but you can surely browse the Web or check your email while doing that.

Another reasonable way of doing multitasking in the Tab S2 is through its Multi Window mode. This mode basically lets you run two apps on the same instance which eventually makes things much easier to handle and a lot less complicated. Although there are quite a few number of apps which won’t support multitasking capabilities of the Tab S2 but there you’ll definitely find various general purpose apps which can let you enjoy and experience the usefulness of multitasking.

Great Multimedia Features
Samsung now understands that there are a lot of people who wished that there was some way where they could stream content to TVs through tablets. That’s exactly why the company has introduced the multimedia feature Quick Connect for making it extremely easy for your tablet to stream content to your TV. Quick Connect simply helps you mirror Tab S2’s screen on your TV if both are connected through the same Wi-Fi network.

Though this feature is nothing less than a blessing in disguise, however, what should be remembered is that video quality that’s mirrored on your TV solely depends on the strength of your Wi-Fi. While streaming content from your tablet to your TV can be a great option, however, the best part is to do the reverse i.e. stream content from your TV to your Tab S2 which can even be done if you switch your TV’s screen off.

Summing’ it Up
The Galaxy Tab S2 is undoubtedly a great device. Not only the tab looks great, but its features are simply stupendous too, be it the razor sharp display or it slim profile. The tab is just too good to hold. The question is: whether you should buy or not? Well, if you are an Apple fan then you might not find any major reason to upgrade to this one especially when Apple has promised to bring multitasking with iOS 9. But, if you feel like upgrading to a more premium Android tablet then the new Galaxy Tab S2 is made just for you.

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