Tesla’s Cheap Electric Car, Model 3, Will Be Available for Pre-order in...

Tesla’s Cheap Electric Car, Model 3, Will Be Available for Pre-order in March 2016


Tesla has been aggressively marketing their new wave of electric vehicles. Undoubtedly, the company wants to build an early reputation in this highly potential domain of futuristic vehicles. Analysts believe that the market of electric cars is bound to grow by multi-billion dollars in the coming years and this is exactly the reason why Elon Musk is so eager to make Tesla a dominant player in the market.

Latest announcements made by Elon Musk reveal that Tesla Model 3, company’s low cost electric car which was earlier widely mentioned in public will become available for the pre-ordering of customers by next year in March at a price of $35,000. The price, therefore, seems to be extremely economical for the common public and approximately half the price of their luxurious Model S.

As of now, there is no info about how the car will look like and what all will the car offer. However, Musk has made it pretty clear that Model 3’s design will be unveiled in the beginning of 2016 and the pre-ordered cars will be delivered by the end of 2017. What’s important is that before Tesla can start manufacturing Model 3, they will first have to build a low-cost lithium ion battery which can then be installed in it.

For manufacturing this highly anticipated cheap Li-ion battery on a large scale, the company is building a $5 billion factory on the outskirts of Reno which will become operational in 2017.

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