New Rumours Suggest Upcoming LG Nexus Could be Named Nexus 5X

LG Nexus (1)

We have already told multiple times that Google is going to launch two new smartphone son September 29 out of which one will be a phablet constructed by Huawei and one will be made by LG and will be the successor to 2013’s bestseller – Nexus 5. However, till now we’ve only come across some leaked images of the LG Nexus apart from knowing that it will be called the Nexus 5 (2015). However, a new rumour is in the air according to which it will be called the Nexus 5X.

There are chances that Google might market the phone like that, however, nothing has been finalised yet since the company hasn’t made up its mind yet. We believe it’s a great move since calling it Nexus 5 (2015) or Nexus 5 2nd Gen is a big turn-off. Moreover, the Nexus 5X sounds great and will cause less confusion amongst those who are interested in buying it. What’s interesting is that the rumours aren’t just centred on the phone’s name. Some light has also been shed on its price which has been a matter of concern from quite some time for all its prospective buyers.

According reliable sources who have leaked this info, the new Nexus 5X might be a little expensive than its predecessor. This implies that if the 16GB variant is launched, it might cost $400 while a 32GB model will cost you $450. While the info looks pretty solid, however, for the actual name and price, we’ll just have to wait till September 29 when the Nexus 5X goes for sale at Play Store.

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