Microsoft Releases Massive Update for Skype’s iOS and Android Version

Microsoft Releases Massive Update for Skype’s iOS and Android Version


Skype, the popular video calling and IM application, is always up with some new update making the interface a lot better than most other apps out there. However, being a Microsoft product, the UI of Skype as seen on a Windows phone was kind of different than the one seen on Android and iOS devices. Microsoft, however, ended this disparity by rolling out a new version of Skype i.e. Skype 6.0 for Android and iOS by redesigning it completely.

According to Microsoft, the design was earlier update in 2014 but now they are ditching it so as to make the app look more intuitive and natural. What’s interesting is that Microsoft didn’t impose their Windows Phone like swiping gestures on their new update, but instead focused on the navigational procedures of other operating systems. In the iOS version, for instance, Microsoft adopted their style of navigation where the buttons at the app’s bottom will help to mark out the sections. Microsoft did the same for Android too.

It is interesting to see the amount of detail the company has put in while designing the new Skype interface for iOS and Android. On the iOS version, one can even use swipe gestures for making quick calls or for muting and deleting conversations. Microsoft has recently launched a number of new apps as well for other operating systems including Cortana as their master plan of attracting users to the services provided by the company.
Though the Skype versions of iOS and Android have received a phenomenal update, but the one Windows Phone hasn’t. However, Microsoft says that it is working on a totally new Skype app for their Windows 10 Mobile and the world will get to know more about it soon.

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