The 3 C’s of Video Communication You Must Know

The 3 C’s of Video Communication You Must Know

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No matter what industry your company is focused on, communication is a vital part of selling your services or products, interacting with consumers and collaborating with partners and other industries to ensure your success and expansion.

In fact, without stretching the truth, communication is what enables you to do any of that at all. Whether your focus is on a local level with a small business, or on the global market with a company that’s spread out across continents.

Technology has understood that from the beginning, focusing on increasing the reach of our words from the telegraph through email and beyond and the advances show no signs of stopping as we continue on into the future.

In fact, technology has already polished means of communication that make it possible for business partners standing on opposite sides of the world to feel like they’re standing face to face in a conference room, talking about their next big project.

The use of video communication advances to make it possible for rooms thousands of miles away to appear to share the same space, or the option of turning your mobile commute into productive office time are options that ensure the business world will never be the same, but with all the new software, hardware and technological advances coming out every day, it can be difficult to understand the true value of these tools. Looking at everything from budget to personal accessories, here are some arguments for the value of video communication to your business. 

communication The 3 C's of Video Communication You Must Know
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Whether your business is local or multi-national, the question of whether technology is viable for your budget will always be present.

Thankfully, software and hardware packages and hosting via the cloud even with Video Communications, one of the popular options is Bluejeans, that is scalable and cost friendly for almost any budget. The technology that makes these options exceptional for businesses of all sizes generally works with existing internet and cellphone network connections and doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment or programs to facilitate a clear connection, unlike past video conferencing options.

Eliminating the requirement for dedicated servers, cameras and whole conference rooms has cut out a huge expense and the added benefit of reducing or eliminating travel expenses in many cases is added incentive to invest.


video-conference The 3 C's of Video Communication You Must Know
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Another reason that video communication is so useful to businesses goes back to why communication is such an important part of human interaction. Humans are engineered in such a way that biologically, we respond better and more efficiently to certain types of stimuli over others.

Visual communication paired with verbal communication and body language work together for most humans to provide a complete picture and allow us to better assimilate information.

Communicating through video has become really easy in this new century and it offers us the ability to interact in a naturally established way and use that stimuli to help us gather and hold onto the information being presented. Furthermore, while emotions are easy to misread when only one input- either visual or verbal- is present, it’s easier to understand a person’s intentions and emotional investment when both types of input are available.

Because humans are generally sympathetic creatures, a positive message will garner a positive response in the same way a sad or angry message will elicit sad or angry emotional responses in turn. When people react emotionally, they become more attached to the idea and are less likely to forget about it.


With all the technology driving video communications online, it should come as no surprise that this same technology has been designed, upgraded or received additions to make it even more useful and accessible to the business world.

Because collaboration is such a huge part of what makes many businesses a success, this feature of face to face meetings would be sorely missing if it weren’t present along side the technology that facilitates video communication.

Often, the packages that connect companies via computer, mobile or tablet operating systems include tools and services that make up for the fact that this physical interact is missing from virtual interactions.

office-team The 3 C's of Video Communication You Must Know
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Options like file sharing applications take the place of passing around print-outs, referencing PowerPoint presentations or taking notes. Recording features make it easy to archive brainstorming sessions, mergers and quarterly reviews. Scalable network technology means it’s easy to fit as few or as many participants into your virtual space as you want or need, no concerns over whether your conference room will fit them all.

Not only are these tools becoming standard and commonplace but new innovations are being developed all the time to see this means of communication continues to gain in popularity for the convenience and productivity that it supports.

In The End?

How you choose to use the new technology that’s driving the markets bigger and wider than ever before is up you and your company’s needs. The software, hardware and budget concerns all aside, these tools were developed to alleviate some of the pressure of expansion as the market scale becomes more about global collaboration and less about local appeal.

In order to make the most of your industry as it continues to grow, exploring the options for travel-free face to face communication will only help you stay ahead of the game.


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