Moto X Pure Edition Review – Raising the Bar Like Never Before

Moto X Pure Edition Review – Raising the Bar Like Never Before


When Motorola ffirst released the Moto X it took the world by surprise. The phone was a flagship in its unique way. It offered some pretty high-tech features like hand gestures etc. when no other manufacturer even thought about it. Then came the next gen Moto X in 2014 which made the whole world drool over it. With a unique design and the facility of Moto Maker, one could actually design his/her phone making the smartphone buying experience simply different.

This time the company rolled out yet another device. The Moto X Pure is one of those few devices which help you to experience Android in an entirely different way. The new Moto X Pure Edition is Moto’s latest 5.7-inch flagship and probably the first Motorola smartphone that boasts of a powerful camera. So will it click with the people who have been anticipating this device from quite some time like we did? Let’s check out…

A Premium Design
There are companies who sell flagships based on their performance scores or their camera performance, however, for Moto X it has always been about style and unique features and the company does justice in this section every time they roll out a device. Companies do get a monotonous sometimes with their repetitive design methodology for their smartphones, however, Motorola is always able to surprise the world with its unique and bold designs.

The Moto X Pure Edition can be customized to a great extent. One can choose the shade of the rear panel, the colour of the camera and logo housing on the back and even get something printed on it to give it a more personalised look. The company obviously charges extra for all this, but it is really there just in case you need it and don’t mind shelling a few extra bucks.

Clocked at 5.7-inches, the Moto X Pure is definitely a big phone but its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and carry. The front of this phone has nothing special other than the gigantic screen and an LED flash to assist your front facing camera to take better selfies. It was wise enough for the company to think that way, but it kind of hampers the phone’s look. The rear has this camera casing which holds the phone’s phenomenal 21MP camera, along with a dual tone flash and the Moto logo. Overall build quality of the phone is pretty solid and one can definitely feel the premium vibe that this phone gives upon holding it.

Compromised Performance
In order to sell a flagship at such a price tag and still be competitive in the market, you have to make some compromises and Moto made some under the hood of the Moto X Pure. Like we said before, Motorola isn’t someone that likes to keep performance and benchmark scores as a selling factor for its phones. It’s more about style and usability. The chip used in this one is a Snapdragon 808 which is a little slower than its elder brother 810 and though the phone’s performance scores might not be at par with other flagships out there, but they are still pretty decent.

On an average the Moto X Pure is able to do all major tasks and play all major heavy games quite easily. You’ll hardly notice any lag with the phone, however, it would be wrong to say that you won’t notice it at all. You might encounter one or two while throwing the Android stuff on the phone like swiping through some apps or the other regular software related stuff. Overall, however, the phone’s performance is pretty neat and respectable.

Useful Software Additions
If you ever wondered about experiencing Android in its purest form, then you should either buy a Nexus or a Moto. The Moto X Pure Edition just lets Android do the talking to the hardware which makes things pretty fluid on an average. Also, Moto never adds any useless bloatware which is bound to make the phone slow after a while. They keep the number of Moto apps on the phone less yet highly useful. One such feature is the Moto Display which helps you to view important notifications even if your handset is locked. You can, however, fully customize this feature if you are a privy person.

Another interesting feature is the Moto Voice which simply awakes the phone. You can tweak your phone’s name and call it whatever you want in order to bring it back to life. Moto Voice can be used for performing myriad tasks like getting hands-free navigation, for searching anything or for simply setting the alarm.

An Improvised Camera
Moto’s camera has always been its weak point and a phone that is unable to offer a decent camera rarely finds many buyers until and unless it has something else which is spectacular enough to sweeten the deal. Before the Moto X Pure was released, the cameras of Galaxy S6 and LG G4 remained dominant in the sphere. However, Moto X Pure’s 21MP camera turned out to be a heavyweight champion especially when it clearly shows how much effort the company has put into.

The camera is simply amazing and can take some pretty amazing shots in all kinds of daylight conditions. The best part of this camera is that it can shoot in 4K resolution and is rigged with phase detection autofocus. However, the only disturbing part of this camera is that it gets kind of clumsy when it is made to shoot in low light conditions. The colours seem to be washed out and image quality drops significantly as compared to what it captures in normal lighting conditions.

Summin’ it Up
Moto’s phones are pretty decent and are worth their price. The company has done pure justice to the phone by naming it Moto X Pure and if you feel like experiencing Android without any artificial skin over it, then you should definitely go for it owing to the price tag it holds against the Google Nexus. The phone’s display might be a bit large for some, but it is definitely handy and easy to hold.

The best part of the phone is its killer looks and the stupendous 21MP camera which can possibly disappoint at times in case of low light but is definitely not the worst flagship camera. What’s important is that with Moto Maker you can customize the phone’s look in a variety of ways and make it looks just like you always wanted your phone to look like. We would definitely recommend this one to those who don’t mind a big screen phone and are looking out a phone that can be fun and classy to use at the same time. It has surely raised the bar for other smartphone companies and we hope to see some smartphones built on a similar concept by them in future.

Did you like the new Moto X Pure Edition like we did? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to know what you think about it.

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