How Book Reading Apps Can Benefit Students For Long Term

How Book Reading Apps Can Benefit Students For Long Term


We’re coming into an age where you can get books on almost any technological device you can own. From your computer to your phone, a book is just a click away.

While many think this is a shame that regular paper books are being used less, there are actually many benefits to the fact that books are so easy to acquire.

Parents and teachers are beginning to see that children are moved by latest technology gadgets and apps and that infact, many of these book reading apps are beneficial for students.

It’s opening up a whole new world for school, from elementary all the way to college. The next time you are looking for the best iPad reading apps such as Nook, consider how you might help your child or yourself with their education.

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The General Benefits to Students

Studies are beginning to show that the benefits of using book reading apps on things like the iPad are plentiful for students. To begin with, using these apps are a good way to get reluctant readers into books.

It helps give them the motivation to read and keep reading. One of the reasons for this is that the students like that they are cluttering up their bags with more and more books. It’s just a simple tablet that can hold multiple books on it.

They also like that the books are so easy to get. They don’t have to worry about whether another student wants to read it or try to find the book they want in a large pile or bookshelf. They just have to look through the device for the title.

Another benefit is the ability to make little notes and highlight pieces of the work on the iPad itself. This helps with reading comprehension for the students.

Part of reading books is being able to think about the meanings behind it, and understanding why things were written the way they were written.

These highlighting and note features gives them practice in critical thinking, helping them better understand the importance of the books.

These notes can also help later for writing papers. They can look through their notes easier on an iPad Nook app than by going back through bookmarks in a paper book, or trying to write down all of their notes in a notebook where they can’t go back to look at the paragraphs around it.

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The iPad apps for reading help students have a better understanding of technology. Our world is getting more and more technologically advanced, and it’s important to start the understanding of this technology early.

So many jobs nowadays use technology. Students using these apps helps give them practice and see how beneficial technology is.

Benefits for the Dyslexic

EReaders and book reading apps aren’t just helpful for the general populace of students, either. It can be a great tool for those with disorders such as dyslexia as well.

More and more studies are being done to understand how these can better help our students, and one of the big findings is that the apps for reading is helping more of these students read with confidence.

Up to 17 percent of readers have some form of dyslexia, many cases that involve what is called visual attention deficit. This is an inability to keep their concentration on letters or lines of words within a grouping or paragraph of text.

Also with dyslexia comes an issue of visual crowding, where the students can’t make sense of letters in when put into words.

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Amazingly, eReaders and book reading apps have been able to help students who suffer from this disorder. These apps reduce a lot of the clutter and visual distraction that creates these difficulties for dyslexic students.

The key is shorter lines and less crowding. Students who were tested proved to be not only faster but had a better understanding of what they were reading when reading short lines on eReaders or tablets.

These reading apps, allow students to zoom in or increase the font size of the books they are reading. This puts less text on the page with bigger spaces in between the lines.

By removing the distraction of the bigger paragraphs, these students are able to make more efficient use of their time, as well as understand what they are reading.

Over the last century, little had changed when it came to how we read. Only within the last ten years, with the introduction of these eReaders and now the apps that come with them, has our method for reading begun to evolve again.

It’s not so difficult to see how this evolution is capable of helping students like these to succeed.

The Bottom Line

Every parent wants to see their child do well, and these book reading apps are a great way to help set them up for success. Nook is a good choice as one of the best iPad reading apps, and it’s free!

Give your child an advantage with something as simple as a reading app.


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