Hewlett-Packard All Set to Become an Industry Leader for 3-D printers

Hewlett-Packard All Set to Become an Industry Leader for 3-D printers


Hewlett-Packard might have suffered a blow after their recent decision of splitting-up; however, the electronics manufacturer is still running towards progress in an ambitious manner. The company has been greatly emphasising the scope of 3-D printers and that’s exactly why they have decided to get down in the 3-D printing product line with everything they’ve got. Recently, the company made some top-notch executive moves to push their 3-D printers in the market.

The company hasn’t split into two separate companies yet since that is bound to happen on November 1, but, Hewlett-Packard has already decided to bring in a new executive for overseeing their newly formed 3-D printing group once the company gets separated. Latest reports also suggest that Stephen Nigro, who is HP’s senior VP of imaging and printing, will be taking charge of this duty once HP Inc. has been formed.

Dion Weisler, the soon to become HP Inc. CEO made an announcement that at this hour of time when HP is all set launch their very first 3-D printing product, he has asked Stephen Nigro to head the 3-D printing devision while reporting to him continuously. HP was developing 3-D printers from quite some time now, the company has finally revealed that it will release their first 3-D printer in 2016.

HP, which is heading for a split-up in the coming months, will probably be able to help its new smaller project divisions to progress by giving them more focus and easy access to resources and decidability. After the split, Meg Whitman will act as the CEO of one company while the other will be headed by Dion Weisler.

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