Xiaomi is Eager to Launch a Laptop Next Year

Xiaomi is Eager to Launch a Laptop Next Year


Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp. is having a ride of their life, thanks to the growing popularity of their smartphones amongst buyers all over the globe. The company has sold millions of handsets since they were launched and are expanding their product base aggressively so as to strengthen their presence in the market. This is exactly the reason why the company is planning to add a new product to their line-up i.e. a laptop.

The company is keen to launch their first laptop in the first quarter of the next year and will battle against the established laptop manufacturers like Dell, Hewlett-Packard Co. and Apple Inc. to capture the mindshare of the market. What’s interesting is that Apple will be releasing its MacBook Air and Lenovo will release its ThinkPad in the first quarter as well and Xiaomi plans to share the stage with these biggies.

Reports also suggest that Xiaomi is currently having discreet discussions with Samsung Electronics Co. so that the latter supplies memory chips according to an initial agreement which may extend to Samsung providing displays too. Supplying the requested components to Xiaomi, which has today become world’s fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer, will surely boost Samsung’s business while it tries to recover from the losses that it has suffered in its Galaxy line-up.

This move will definitely help Xiaomi carve out a different spot for it in the rapidly declining smartphone market. Presently, Xiaomi’s products include smartphones, headphones, power banks and TVs.

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