New Wave of Rumours Rise for Apple’s September 9 Event

New Wave of Rumours Rise for Apple’s September 9 Event


We’ve been hearing the rumour related to Apple’s upcoming September 9 event from quite some time. Now, when only a few days are left for the ‘big day’ we are finally able to distinguish amongst the rumours who have a solid case of making appearance on Apple’s official event and which ones will see the dirt. But in case of Apple, it looks like the crop of new stories and buzz related to their much hyped event never stops until and unless we finally see Tim Cook making all the announcements on the D-day. That’s the exciting part of Apple and we, the common folks, seem to enjoy every bit of it.

Now, new rumours have come to light from extremely reliable sources about what all people can expect from the Apple TV and the new iPhones along with an indication of the launch of a super-sized iPad. If these rumours are to believed, the new Apple TV might allow you to search the available streaming services through voice control. You might not be able to get a 4K video output but you can expect a surge in storage from 8GB to 16GB. The new Apple TV might also let you play the latest games with some pretty sleek real controllers.

Apart from that, there are solid indications of Apple launching a brand new 12 or 13-inch tablet. Earlier it was also being speculated that this mysterious tablet will become available in late October, however, these anonymous sources state that you can expect this laptop-sized tablet from Apple at its next week event. There isn’t much on the menu regarding the new iPhones except from the fact that they’ll have Force Touch with subtle improvements in the processor, camera and the aluminum that’s used to build them.

These new rumours have definitely fuelled the excitement for Apple’s upcoming event but for the actual truth we’ll just have to patiently wait for just a few more days.

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