Meet Nextbit Robin – The First Cloud Based Android Smartphone

Meet Nextbit Robin – The First Cloud Based Android Smartphone


Long gone are those days when the smartphone market was just dominated by a few big names. Today, the smartphone industry has become a multi-billion market with lots of new players racing each other to take the top spot. Visionary and experienced people guided by a mission of providing a unique smartphone that boasts of something different are now getting together in heavy numbers and Nextbit can very well relate to that.

Nextbit, a newly founded smartphone manufacturing company that’s headed by experienced people who have worked in companies like Google and HTC. The company has just launched its debutant phone Robin as a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter. So, why would anyone bet his/her money on Nextbit Robin? What makes it special?

The Catch!
Robin, a relatively distinct name for a smartphone, is Nextbit’s first product. The company chose this name because they it appeared ‘friendly’ and ‘gender neutral.’ Robin is basically the first cloud based Android smartphone. It comes with 32 gigs of on-board internal storage and a whopping 100GB of additional storage once you tap onto its cloud platform for additional resource. That three-digit figure is relatively huge in terms of storage for phones since it is much greater than what any phone can support right now.

However, the cloud storage isn’t available to you out of the box. Once you fill your 32GB of internal storage, Robin will automatically move certain photos, apps and some files to cloud which you haven’t accessed for a long time. So, all that data will go out from your phone into Nextbit’s cloud platform waiting for you to get accessed. You can, however, still see the icons of these transported items on your phone which will be grayed out so that you know that they are sitting back comfy on the cloud.

In case you need to access an app which has been moved to the cloud, you can simply re-download it from the cloud onto your phone with all your personal settings and account information intact just like you last saw it. Another interesting feature of Robin is that it will learn more about your preferences regarding apps and files with time and thus will be able to figure out after a while on its own whether a particular file should be moved to cloud or not.

Classy Design
Build wise, the phone is promising and looks pretty solid especially when the company has struck a deal with Chinese smartphone manufacturing company Foxconn that build’s Apple’s iPhone for constructing Robin. Robin will initially be available in two shades. The overall appearance of the phone is playful yet bold at the same time. There is a black version that has on it dark blue highlights on its top and bottom and there is a white version that comes with aqua shade highlights. Nextbit has adopted a simplistic yet attractive design by making the phone look like a rectangular slab with sharp edges.

At the rear end sits a 13MP camera with phase auto detection along with a dual tone flash. The rear also houses a cloud logo and four small dot-sized LED which light up when you tend to move anything from your phone’s internal storage to your cloud storage. The phone employs a high-end metal injected plastic material that has a paint overcoat. The end caps of the phone located at its top and bottom are made of plastic with a rubbery feel over them that makes them feel quite responsive.

Flagship-Like Specifications
A cloud based platform isn’t the only premium feature of Nextbit Robin. The phone’s internal specifications are high-end too. The phone will ship with Qualcomm Snapdragon’s latest 808 processor and 3GB RAM which can take processing speed to a whole new level. As told earlier, Robin will offer 32GB of internal storage and 100GB cloud based storage. The rear camera is a sharp 13MP shooter with phase detection autofocus, while the phone’s front houses a standard 5MP camera that can take pleasant selfies.

Apart from that, the Nextbit Robin will have a 5.2-inch display which is a bit better than the standard 5-inch screen and a lot handy than a 5.5-incher. It will be an IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 1080p. Robin will run on a 2680mAh battery and will also boast of other top class features like Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, Quick Charging, and dual front-facing speakers that sound pretty good than most flagships out there.

Robin will though come with Android Lollipop but the company is working with Android Marshmallow for upgrading the software’s version accordingly. Another important aspect is that as of now the phone will only work on AT&T and T-Mobile carriers, but they are working to make it compatible with Verizon Wireless and Sprint too.

Other Distinct Features
Apart from the regular premium specifications which one can easily find on 2015’s flagship devices of many companies, Nextbit’s Robin also boasts of a fingerprint sensor that is integrated on its home key that’s located on the phone’s right side. Robin also comes pre-loaded with an unlocked ‘boot-loader’ with which you can make some big changes in Robin’s software. However, unlike other smartphone companies that disown a rooted phone’s warranty, Nextbit on the other hand, will honour it no matter how much you tweak your phone.

The launch of the phone, according to Nextbit, is just the beginning. They plan to improve the phone’s performance over time with improvised software updates which will ultimately make Robin stand out of the crowd. Moreover, the company is keen to connect with their users. They believe that a phone should be made for the people by putting forward their essential requirements. This is a prime reason why Nextbit chose Kickstarter to launch Robin because this way they’ll be able to engage with the people and get their important feedback.

Lots of Potential
According to us, the Nextbit Robin can surely turn out to be a great hit. The phone has a lot of potential and offers a lot of distinct features which other big smartphone manufacturers haven’t thought about exploring. The phone has received a phenomenal response at Kickstarter too. Early takers will be able to take a Robin for just $299 while others can get it for $349. The phone, however, will retail at a price of $399 and will appear in the market only by January.

Another flagship killer we suppose, eh? Do tell us how you think about the Nextbit Robin in the comments section below.

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