Google Accused of Manipulating Search Advertising in India


We all know the role Google plays when it comes to internet advertising. Almost all businesses around the world depend upon the might of the search engine giant to get their ranking and thus more business through their paid advertising platforms. However, Google’s advertising methodologies have been a target of various accusations too over the years and a fresh one has come from the fastest emerging Asian economy, India.

Indian authorities have recently accused Google of abusing their dominance in the search advertising. These authorities inquired about this matter deeply over a span of three years and analysed the various complaints that were brought to them by various websites which claimed that Google was highlighting its own services by unfair means.

What’s important is that this isn’t the first time when a nation has accused Google of similar charges. U.S. and Europe has also made similar accusations in the past. While European regulators charged Google of influencing its shopping results so as to put its rivals at a disadvantage, while regulators in U.S. concluded that the search giant didn’t have to make any major changes when it comes to ranking the websites. In Europe, the company has denied its allegations; however, if they lose the case, they might have to suffer a multi-billion dollar fine.

Google, on the other hand, stays confident of getting free from these allegations in India soon. They have ten days for giving an appropriate response to the findings made by Indian Competition Commission.

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