Now Watch Videos Offline on Android and iOS with Amazon Prime Video

Now Watch Videos Offline on Android and iOS with Amazon Prime Video


Watching videos is definitely a favourite pass time for most of us and though we like to do it whenever we feel like killing time, however, the amount of data that these videos consume can get a problem sometimes. Solution? Offline videos. A lot of people have demanded this service from leading video streaming sites so that they can have access to videos in those areas where internet reception is less.

Earlier it was being speculated that America’s biggest video streaming service, Netflix, will bring on-board a feature that will make offline videos a reality. However, Netflix simply made it clear afterwards that they are not going to do this ever. After being turned down by Netflix, people turned towards Amazon Instant Video. This time the company did listen to the voice of the people and launched an offline video streaming service; however, it came with a catch. One had to buy Amazon’s Kindle-branded phone or tablet.

However, Amazon has been kind and has revamped their offline video streaming service completely. The company launched a video app called Amazon Video for iOS and Android devices where one can find lots of good stuff that gets featured on Amazon Studios, HBO, Cinemax, PBS and Lionsgate etc. Once you’ve started watching a downloaded video in an offline mode, a pop up will appear that to warn you that the downloaded video will stop working within 72 hours after you started viewing it the first time.

The app, though is a crucial step towards offline video streaming, still lacks some important functionalities which Amazon promises to deliver with the coming updates.

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