Google Gets a New Logo and the World is in Love with...

Google Gets a New Logo and the World is in Love with it


Like many companies, Google too has made many modifications with time in its logo so as to keep it abreast with time. While some have simply been slight alterations, others ended up being a drastic change over the others. The search giant last changed its logo in 2013 when it made very slight colour and font variation in their logo. Recently, however, the company has made a drastic change in their logo by introducing a new font, the Google dots and a colourful ‘G’ icon.

The new changed is basically a much more smoothed-out version of its previous one. The legendary colour scheme has remained the same; however, the logo now seems much more fluid and playful. According to the company, the new logo is designed by keeping in mind the interface of smartphones since a lot of people today access Google from handheld devices than desktop computers or netbooks.

The company has incorporated this big change only a few weeks after the big internal shake-up that happened when Sundar Pichai was named the CEO of the Google while Larry Page and Sergey Brin exited to form an umbrella company called Alphabet under which Google and company’s other projects will fall. The new logo will now be able to work in a much better way through all the different sized screens that are available in the market today.

The new logo can be seen on Google’s official blog and as a Doodle where a hand is seen rubbing off the previous Google logo and writing a new one. According to the company, this new logo is colourful, simple and represents the best of Google.

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