Honest Alcohol Labels


honest-liquor-bottle-labels Honest Alcohol Labels

As a person who has never tasted alcohol even once in my life, I always get the chance to take a look at what my drunk friends are capable of doing at parties. Non singers will be singing, happy people start crying, sad people will laugh, unhealthy people become martial artists; you never get bored when these guys are around. But they really never know what they will end up doing when they get drunk. Only if there were liquor bottles with labels that tell the truth, like the ones created by totalsororitymove.com.

honest-liquor-bottle-labels-1 Honest Alcohol Labels


honest-liquor-bottle-labels-2 Honest Alcohol Labels


honest-liquor-bottle-labels-3 Honest Alcohol Labels


honest-liquor-bottle-labels-4 Honest Alcohol Labels


honest-liquor-bottle-labels-5 Honest Alcohol Labels


honest-liquor-bottle-labels-6 Honest Alcohol Labels

Been there, done that? What are your thoughts about these photoshopped labels? Do you have any honest label in your mind?


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