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Apple iPhone 6 Backplate Leaked?


We might finally get a chance to take a peek at Apple’s iPhone 6 on the 9th of September. Until the device becomes official we can calm ourselves by shifting our focus to football or movies or online cat videos, or we can get more excited by following the various rumors and leaks related to the next-gen iPhone. And now a new leak has come to us from Sonny Dickson.

The new leak brings to us photos said to be that of the iPhone 6’s backplate. As you can see, there are cutouts for the camera (looks like it’s raised), circular True Tone flash, microphone, and the Apple logo. And there’s wear and tear all over the backplate.

The photos may or may not be fake, but the design matches with what we have seen in previous leaks. Maybe this is what we will be seeing at Apple’s event next month. What do you think?





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