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Gear4 Espresso Bluetooth Speaker


Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but this one is probably the cutest of them all. It’s called Gear4 Espresso, a speaker which has the shape of a tea cup.

You have to pair it to a compatible device to play music through it (no need for pairing it again later) and the speaker has a Bluetooth range of around 10 metres. Available in blue, black, yellow, green, pink and orange, Gear4 Espresso has a battery life of four hours, though that will depend on the volume. The handle of the cup is actually a carabiner clip, so you will be able to hang the device on a belt or your bag while listening to the song of your choice.

According to Pocket-lint, the Bluetooth speaker has a healthy bass response and produces decent volume without distortion. Gear4 Espresso is currently available at Amazon.co.uk with a price tag of £25.

So, are you interested in getting the cute looking speaker? Share your thoughts in the comments below.




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